Subject: Re: [PW!] Let's catch some Pokémon! Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 10:33:50 -0400 From: Karana <> Organization: Posted via RemarQ, - Discussions start here! Newsgroups: Ig88sw82 wrote: > As Mark finally entered Viridan City, a few things were zipping through his > head: where did those kids go off to? Why was that other kid dreaming about > made-up Pokémon? Why hadn't he seen any wild Pokémon lately? > "Oh, well, I'll worry about all that later," Mark said to the air around > him. "Now it's time for some supplies... and lunch!" he added when he felt his > stomach rumble. > Mark walked over to the Pokémon center, and approached the front counter. > "Could you heal my Oddish, please?" and he handed the woman his Pokéball. > "No problem. Your Pokémon will be fighting fit in no time. If you want, you > can grab a bite to eat at the diner." > "Would I!" and Mark dashed across the street for some nourishment. > --- > After about 10 minutes, Mark returned to the Pokémon Center. "Your Oddish is > looking great. We hope to see you soon!" > "Thanks!" and Mark waved to Nurse Joy as he left. "Well Oddish, let's go > catch some Pokémon!" > --- > "There's got to be some Pokémon around here someplace!" Mark was digging > through the reeds, desparate to find something. Oddish couldn't find anything > either. "Oddish oddish?" the Pokémon asked. > "Just keep looking, we'll find something," Mark answered, even though he > couldn't understand a thing Oddish said. > Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Oddish saw movement in the brush. > "Oddish!" he cried out, gesturing toward the movement. > "What is it, Oddish?" Mark pointed his PokéDex toward the brush. "Weedle," > Dexter said in his normal monotone voice. "Hairy Bug Pokémon. Often found in > forests eating leaves. It has a sharp venonous stinger on its head." > "Well, that sounds like something worth catching!" and Mark thrust the > bushes aside to see the Weedle. > The Pokémon, or what was left of it, was lying on its side on the ground, > moaning softly. Then Mark saw the reason it moaned. From stinger to tail, the > Weedle was covered with burn marks. "What happened to you? We're gonna have to > heal those wounds." At that Mark took an empty Pokéball from his backpack. "Get > in the ball so we can get you to a Pokémon Center." > Feeling too weak to disagree, the Weedle gently shook its head and pressed > the switch on the ball. It burst open, sucking the Weedle in. > "Well, I guess I caught a Weedle..." and Mark did a half-hearted peace sign. Ebony was experiencing the same thing with a Rattata she wanted to battle. "What's wrong with this Pokemon??" Ebony cried as the Rattata staggered around, then fell over. Beckoning Sting, her Weedle, over to her, she tentatively picked the Rattata up. Covered in burns, it was too weak to do anything but squeak in fright. "Come on, Sting! We gotta get this little guy to a Pokemon Center, and fast!" Ebony placed Sting on her shoulder and started running through the forest, almost colliding with a boy in a green army jacket. She scowled, but kept going. "Sorry, I don't have time to stop!" She called over her shoulder. Sting chirped in agreement. This is kinda interactive, right? If you don't want Ebony to be in your story, though, just tell me and I'll make her leave, or something....thanks~! -Karana "Is it's the last thing you do, you're dead!"--Lori Beth, from "All That"