Subject: [PW] Mack vs. Surge Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 20:47:03 -0400 From: "The Lohr's" <> Newsgroups: I haven't been able to check AGNP or my e-mail for a while, so this post is just s bit late for the pokemon auction. Just so it is known, Mack will try to get the auction as quick as possible. Last time, on the Pokewars, Mack has gotten out of his coma and left the hospital in Vermilion, with all of his pokemon. Now, he approaches the Vermilion City Gym... "Clefairy! Fairy Clefairy!" Mack looked down at his small pokemon traveling alongside him. "What's the matter now, Clefairy?" he asked. "Fairy fairy clefairy cle clefairy clefairy fairy!" said the impish pokemon. "Don't worry, Clefairy," Mack said. "You had a bad time with Sabrina, so you won't have to fight this gym battle. And, no, I don't think a woodchuck could chuck wood in the first place." "Clefairy fairy?" "No, I don't think many woodchucks have robo-mecha suits, either." "Fairy." "No, woodchucks don't take steroids either. Ah, here we are, Surge's gym." As Mack stepped into the gym, he spotted a rather dirty man wearing an old military uniform hunched over in the corner of the gym. As Mack was about to step into the battle room, the man stepped in front of him. "Hey, move it!" Mack said. "I'm here for a badge." The man gave Mack a cold stare. "That's fine, but you'll have to face me first, in a one-on-one pokemon battle. Surge was my lieutenant back in the war...the guns...No, Bob, look out, Wigglytuff mines! AAAAARRRGGHHH!!!" Mack patiently waited out the man's flashback until the man recovered. "Anyway, on with the battle," the stranger said. "Go Electrode!" As the orb-shaped pokemon was released from its pokeball, Mack grabbed a pokeball and threw it. "Go Dratini!" he said, as he tossed the pokeball and the dragon pokemon came out. "Dratini, sla..." Before Mack could finish his command, the Electrode exploded in Dratini's face. As the smoke from the explosion died down, Mack saw Dratini standing upright, although rather blackened. Mack recalled Dratini to its pokeball as the grungy man crept back to his corner. As Mack threw open the doors to Surge's battle room, he beheld a slightly aged man wearing a lieutenant's uniform. "You're Surge, the gym leader here, right?" asked Mack. "Yes, and that's LEUTENENT Surge to you, kid." snapped Lt... Surge. "I guess you're here to battle, so hurry up!" "Right." stated Mack, reaching for a pokeball. "Go Otto!" he yelled as he threw the pokeball and a Snorlax emerged from it. "Raichu, go!" yelled Surge, as the electric pokemon appeared in the battle ring as of from nowhere. "Otto, use Headbutt!" commanded Mack. The Snorlax remained still. "OTTO, WAKE UP!!" The Snorlax awoke groggily to be greeted by Raichu's Thundershock. Realizing the need for urgency, the Snorlax snapped to attention. "Now, Otto, use Headbutt!" ordered Mack. However, the Snorlax was too slow for Raichu, who immediately electrocuted Otto with Thunder. Realizing that Otto was very weak, Mack said, "Otto, Rest!" As the tired Snorlax collapsed on the gym floor, it landed directly on top of Surge's Raichu. The Raichu tried to escape from the Snorlax's immense weight, but it fainted from the pressure before it could free itself. "Yeah, I won!" shouted Mack. Surge glared at him. "I would say you were lucky," Surge replied, moodily, "but you DID beat me, so take your badge and scram." Surge tossed a small badge at Mack, who caught it. Mack recalled Otto and walked out of the gym, triumphant over his recent "victory." "Clefairy! Fairy fairy clefairy!" Outside of the gym, Clefairy was waving a pamphlet in front of Mack. "Huh? What's this?" Mack said, as he took the pamphlet from Clefairy. It read: POKEMON AUCTION!!!!!!!! In Celadon City, from April 5-9, all of the greatest pokemon will be up for bids! Charizards! Dragonites! Gyrados! You name it! Everything will be there! So get to Celadon City, right away! "Hey, this could be pretty cool," said Mack, to himself. "I might be able to get something pretty rare, too. What do you say, Clefairy? Clefairy?" Mack looked around, and finally spotted Clefairy running off in the direction of Celadon City. "GET BACK HERE!" yelled Mack, as he rushed after his speeding pokemon. TBC... ---Matt