From: Ig88sw82 <> Subject: [PW!] Magikarp karp karp magikarp... Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 11:38 PM Mark walked cheerily to the north toward Mt Moon, golden Pokéball in hand. He was eager to see this "King of Karp" the salesman had spoken so eagerly of, but decided to wait until another battle. He found that he didn't have to wait long. "Hey kid," the girl called from Mt Moon's entrance. "You a Pokémon trainer?" Mark perked up. "You betcha. Want to battle?" "I was afraid you'd never ask. Let's go!" --- Mark and the girl were standing to the side of the path. "Ladies first." The girl trainer giggled. "So smooth with the ladies. Oh well, I choose my new Pokémon, Geodude!" and she quickly tossed her Pokéball forward. A Geodude, similar to Brock's, bounded out and stared at Mark. "Against your rock-type, I choose my water Pokémon, Magikarp!" With a smirk, Mark threw the golden Pokéball towards Geodude. Now he would see the true power of his new Pokémon, it was sure to be a permanent staple in his group... ...the energy materialized, and Mark saw a fish flopping around on the ground. "What's that supposed to be?" Dexter answered his question. "Magikarp. The fish Pokémon. In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak* descendants that exist today." Mark pressed the star on the stats, and a submenu popped up. "NOTE: Magikarp is devoid of any attacks other than Splash attack." "Okay," and Mark turned toward his new Pokémon. "Use your Splash attack!" Magikarp kept flopping around on the ground, chanting: "Magikarp karp karp karp magikarp magikarp karp karp-" The girl interrupted Magikarp's chant. "Uh, Geodude, tackle it." "Duuude!" The Geodude hurled itself at Magikarp. "Magikarp, dodge it!" Magikarp kept flopping around on the ground, unaware of its attacker until the rock Pokémon impacted with it. "KAAAARP!!!" With a loud crack, Geodude pinned down the Magikarp until it fainted from fear and shock. The girl trainer stared at the fainted Magikarp. "I feel sorry for the thing. Having to be born so weak... oh well! A win's a win! Perhaps we'll fight again!" The trainer returned her Geodude and walked back into Mt Moon. After a few minutes of staring, Mark sprayed some Revive and returned the pitiful creature to its golden Pokéball. He had paid $500 for this? Mark had no idea that a Pokémon could be that weak. "Oh well..." and Mark walked into Mt Moon feeling really ripped off.