Subject: Re: [PW!] Mark's First Battle Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 09:16:11 -0400 From: Karana <> Organization: Posted via RemarQ Communities, Inc. Newsgroups: Ig88sw82 wrote: > > "Well, I managed to figure this map out. >We are right here." He pointed > to the direct >middle of the forest. > > "Great! Let's go!" Ebony yelled, taking off. > > "According to the map, it's a few day's travel to Pewter City, so we'd better > get going." Mark was intent on getting his first badge, almost forgetting about > the mystery at hand. > Ebony wanted to get going too. "Sting, just get in the Pokéball so we can > move on." > The Kakuna, however, had no intention on listening to Mark's and Ebony's > pleas, content on basking in the noonday sun. > "Well," said Mark, "I suppose we can stop for lunch. For awhile," and he > began unpacking his supplies. > A loud crash in the brush made all, even Kakuna, jump with fright. "Oddish!" > Mark's Pokémon cowered between his legs. > Suddenly, a bird Pokémon flew out of the grass and landed in a nearby tree. > "Let's see here..." Mark held up Dexter to the bird. "Spearow. A Tiny-Bird > Pokémon. Eats bugs in grassy areas. It has to flap its short wings at high > speed to stay airborne." > "Spearow, huh? That looks worth catching. Unless," and Mark turned back > toward Ebony, "you want to catch it?" > "Be my guest." > "All right, Spearow. Let's battle. Go, Oddish!" > Oddish leapt out from behind Mark, ready to battle. > "Oddish, absorb it, now!" > Instantly, Spearow began glowing, and a burst of energy shot out from it to > Oddish, increasing the grass Pokémon's strength. > "Speeearow!" The bird dived straight at Oddish and used its Peck attack, > neatly slicing off one of Oddish's leaves. "Oddiiish!" it screamed out in pain. > "Oddish, return!" Mark held out Oddish's Pokéball and sucked the defeated > Pokémon in. "Go, Weedle!" Mark threw Weedle's ball, and Weedle was ready. > Spearow flew higher and higher into the air, ready for another devastating > Peck attack. > "Weedle, use your Poison Sting attack when Spearow gets close!" Weedle > nodded in agreement. > "Speeearow!!!" Quicker than Mark or Ebony could see, Spearow shot down to > Weedle, ready to knock it out. It was not ready to be greeted by Weedle's > stinger. > "Speeeee!" the bird fell to the ground defeated. > "Go Pokéball!" and Spearow was caught. > "That was fun." Ebony had been watching with interest. "Good job, Weedle!" Mark congratulated the victorious Weedle, who was marching around importantly, waving it's stinger in the air. Sting, after laying streched in the sun for most of the afternoon, made a high-pitched whine and hopped over to Ebony. "What's wrong? Mark, I think something's wrong with Sting." Ebony said in concern as Sting rubbed against a tree, still making a high-pitched noise. "I don't think he's sick...hey! Sting is evolving!" Mark exclaimed, pointing to Sting. He had been rubbing against the tree to get the old skin off! Ebony watched with shining eyes as a large form emerged from the shedded skin. "Sting evolved into Beedrill!" She said, awed. Sting fluttered his new wings, and buzzed happily. "Whoa." Mark said, scratching his head. "Anyway, let's get going. We've still got a long way to Pewter."