From: Stratus <> Subject: [PW!] Meet the band! Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 2:34 PM As Stratus walked with Stinger to the Gym... "All right, Stratus, you lost your memory?" Stinger said. "No... I wanted to forget. My memories were too painful..." Stratus said. "Well, cheer up! We want you to join our band," Stinger said. "We're the Air Attackers! Me, Viper, and our Pokémon." "Well... it might help me recover my past," Stratus said. "I'll come along with you and help you in any way I can think of. I could be your roadie." "That's great! Now come meet Viper," Stinger said. The two of them walked into the Cerulean Gym, where Viper was waiting. There, instead of what Stratus had pictured, he saw a girl. "All right, let's go. Where's your first job?" Stratus said. "We're going to work at, uh..." Stinger said. "We don't have a job," Viper said. "We haven't been hired to play by anyone." "I can arrange that," Stratus said. "A few months ago... where my memory began, I remember there was a party just outside of Cerulean, right here. With all the money that I have, we can have a party in Viridian and earn lots of popularity points for your band." "Well... OK!" Stinger said. The three of them started walking, walking, walking toward Mt. Moon, planning to get to Viridian... soon! The party's coming much later. I'm not sure when.