Subject: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999 21:03:38 +0000 From: Time Lady <> Organization: Mystic Manor Apartments Newsgroups: RL Note: Most of this was previously posted, though some was emailed to me by Jon. However, it didn't show up on any of the news readers. Anyways... <snip> > "Well..." Jon said. "We're in Saffron. There's a gym here..." > >>"I know," said Sarah Jane. "It's a psychic gym. The doctor suggested I see the gym leader about my... abilities." >"Probably a good idea," returned Damien. "She might be able to give you a few pointers." >"Ran ran ni Nidoran!" said Spunky. <I'll take them on!> >"Not here Spunky," said Sarah Jane. "You two are not ready to battle a psychic. I wish I had caught a ghost Pokemon back in Lavendar..." >"Do ran nido do ran?" asked Cuddles. <When can we be in a gym battle?> >"Perhaps in Celadon," replied Sarah Jane. >"So what are you going to use? Your Mr. Mime, your Hypno, and your Kadabra?" asked Jon. >"I don't know... I don't think so. Sabrina, the gym leader, is supposed to have very powerful psychic pokemon. They may not be strong enough to battle her pokemon... unless...." Sarah Jane became lost in thought. She rummaged through her pack. "Unless they have a little extra surprise..."<< >Jon thought a moment. "I think I'm going to go and take her on, right now. I can tell you guys what happens." >Sarah Jane and Damian nodded. >Jon set off, pondering which Pokemon to use. He entered the gym, and brushed past all the training psychics. He called, "Sabrina! I want a battle for a Marsh Badge!" >A girl appeared, throwing a candy bar wrapper away. >"Geez, another trainer. Well, ok. 2 on 2. Let's get it on!" >Sabrina picked up 2 Pokeballs. "GO! Mr. Mime!" >Jon grinned. "Well... if I must! Jolteon! I choose you!" >The electric Pokemon appeared before the human figure. >Jon ordered his fast Pokemon. "PIN MISSILE!" >Jolteon's fur brushed up, and began to bombard Mr. Mime. Since it was a bug attack, Mr. Mime immediately fainted. >"Damn!" Sabrina yelled. "Oh well. You'll pay now! Go, Alakazam!" >The powerful psi came out, dwarfing Jolteon. >Sabrina ordered Alakazam psychically. "Psychic attack, now!" >The fast Alakazam blasted Jolteon. Jolteon was knocked out by the higher level psi. >It was Jon's turn to swear. "Oh, well. Come back, Jolteon! Here we go! Kadabra!" >Sabrina smiled, or close to it. "Psychic attacks can't hurt me." >Jon smiled. "Something else can. Kadabra, um... spoon slap!" >It went after the Pokemon with its spoon, nearly disabling it. >"Alakazam! Teleport!" >Alakazam teleported, but right in front of Kadabra. It then finished Alakazam with another body slam. >Sabrina turned angry. "Take the badge and go!" >She hucked a Marsh badge at Jon, who was laughing wildly. He just escaped the doll house. >Jon returned to the Pokemon Center and began to explain her strengths to the rest of the group. Sarah Jane listened intently. Her mind turned over several different ways she could approach Sabrina. She knew her Butterfree and her Beedril probably stood the best chance, as research showed bug Pokemon tended to do well against psychics. But Ariel and Tweedle weren't at a high enough level to take on Sabrina. "So, are you two ready to take Sabrina on?" asked Jon. "I don't think I am... at least, not yet," said Sarah Jane. "Though I'd feel more comfortable talking to her after I earned my Marshbadge." She picked up her backpack and put her Nidorans on their leashes. "I saw a grassy area as we were coming to Saffron... I think I want to go and try training my Pokemon a bit more first." TBC -- _____ /\_____/\ ____ < Time Lady / \----/ ^ >-< ^ \ / \> - _/__ \_ \ \___---___/< Meow|< - Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage (____)___)--\____)--(___) \____/>