From: Continue <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron...(long) Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 10:24 PM [NS] I have no idea how MWF was going to work his "cure" for Sabrina, so I'm not touching it. I also didn't see anybody else currently doing something w/Sabrina, so I'm leaving any "return to evil" aspects of her (which cropped in someone's story recently) as the possibility of Sabrina having multiple personality disorder and otherwise following the TV show which had her becoming a nicer (but not entirely nice) person in the end. Without further ado... wrote: Time Lady wrote: >>Sarah Jane and Nori were waiting at the doorway as Damien >>arrived. Suddenly Sarah Jane froze. She could feel Sabrina scanning >>her mind. Her mind filled with doubt, which she promptly banished. >>"That's what Sabrina wants," she said to herself. She glanced at her >>companions to see if they were ready to move on. > >Nori shrugged, nonchalantly. "I've already got *my* Marsh Badge," >she proclaimed. "Nothin' to it. This gym is a cake walk, compared to >some of the others." > >She scooped up Meowth, who seemed quite agitated, for some reason. >Its mouth hung open, and its tongue lolled out, in an almost rabid >fashion. > >*Bad... trainer ...psychic... too strong...can't--* > >Meowth let out a verbal scream, and in a flash of light, it and its >trainer disappeared. > Damianís expression was a crystal clear expression of what was going through his mind at that momentÖcomplete disbelief and confusion. "WhereÖ?" Sarah Jane looked a little less confused but still showed some trace of that emotion "I donít know. What I caught from Noriís Meowth before they disappeared didnít tell me a lot. It might have been done by a powerful psychic or just be a reaction to one." The two young trainers and gathered pokemon had not noticed Sabrina enter the room from the other side. They did notice when all of the doors in the room slammed shut, however. As several heads (both human and pokemon) whipped around to scan for where the sounds originated, they caught sight of the psychic gym leader. It was then that Sabrina chose to speak up "It doesnít matter for now. Both of you have come to challenge me for a Marsh Badge, I donít need to read your minds to know that. Once the challenges are completed we will find your friend. Which of you will be first?" Damian and Sarah Jane looked at each other but he was the first to speak "Iíll go first, all Iím here for is a badge. I donít think itíll take too long one way or another." She nodded "Good luck." Damian turned and looked at the cold mask that was Sabrinaís face. He had just composed himself as he saw something beginning to grow out of Sabrinaís stomach. As it became larger, his composure shrunk It finally shattered as the large purple growth sprouted eyes! His arm shot out and pointed directly to the growth as he spoke in shock "Whu?" Sabrina looked down at where he had pointed. She smiled and put a hand up to her mouth as she giggled. At that point the "growth" shot out of her and gained a pair of disembodied hands as well as a mouth that opened wide "Haw Haw Haw!" "This is Haunter," Sabrina explained "he makes sure that I donít take everything too seriously. Thereís no need to fear, heís a playful spirit." As if to demonstrate, Haunter popped his eyes out of his head and began to juggle them. After a minute of this he caught them with his tongue and swallowed them. They then popped into their usual resting place "Haw Haw Haw!" Damian had calmed down as the ghost pokemon started juggling but a thought broke into his mind. "Just a ghost pokemon. Itís not as if I donít have one myself. Or summoned one. Or read enough about them in the Pokenomicon to summon one. Oh, no. Iíve got to keep that out of my head while Iím in hereÖ" He completed this last thought just as Haunter finished his display. "Why are you afraid again? Wasnít that display enough? Whatís wrong?" Sabrinaís questions triggered another thought in Damianís head "Did she read my thoughts about the book? DíOH!" "What book?" she asked as he completed his thought. He couldnít help himself. Even as he said "Itís a library book. I have a really overdue library book that I havenít returned.", the image of the Pokenomicon as well as its name made a brief flash through his mind. Sabrina continued to needle him with questions, but there was a tone of wide-eyed curiousity in her voice "Pokenomicon? What is it about?" Damian tried to deflect what he felt to be an oncoming disaster by saying "Itís just a book about pokemon.", but failed as a part of his mind came up with "and how to summon them from beyond the grave." Damianís t-shirt now read: "Iím with _really_ stupid." Sabrina didnít seem to notice the change. If she did, it was hidden behind the stern mask that her face had become. "That is something that you should _not_ be doing. Those that come back do so for a good reason, trying to bring back those that havenít could have disasterous results." "Itís okay, nothing bad happened. Everything worked out all right." He blurted out before he even realized it. His t-shirt now read "Iím outta here!" A second after that Damianís vision became a blur until he noticed something very solid in front him, the floor. Everyone else in the room saw Damian spin around and fall to the floor. Drake flew over before the smacking sound had fully faded from the room. Damian saw a clawed foot enter his field vision and looked up at the Dragonite "Did you see anybody this time?" In response Drake closed his eyes and shook his head before opening them again. "Why did you do that? He didnít Ė" Sarah Jane began to demand a response from Sabrina, but was cut off by the gym leaderís reply. "I did nothing in this particular instance." The genuine-looking expression of surprise on her face showed her truthfulness. By this point Damian had gotten back up with Drakeís help. He advanced on Sabrina with a determined stride until he was about 20 feet away from her. "I admit it. I summoned a pokemon back from the dead for a short time. But I did it because it had been killed and never got the chance to say goodbye to its children. I thought it would be good if they all had one last chance. If you want to toss me around the room with your mind or turn me into a doll, then go right ahead!" The room was silent for a moment as the two stared at each other, Damian with a look of fierce determination and Sabrina with a now neutral expression on her face. Her Haunter moved between the two and put its hands on the top of its head and its chin. Haunter then began to stretch itself out. Time stretched on and so did the ghost pokemon until it was touching the floor and the ceiling at the same time. "Haunt?" it asked. Unfortunately, since it was about 30 feet tall at the time, the air pressure pushed both Sabrina and Damian to the floor. Haunter froze. Sabrina smiled "Itís okay, I was just seeing if he really meant what he said." Haunter let go and snapped back to normal shape like a rubber band. It laughed again as Damian and Sabrina stood back up. Sabrina looked at Damian "So, are you determined to complete the typical trainerís journey to collect the eight badges?" Damian blinked a few times in confusion about the new tack of the conversation. "Well, I, uh, the people Iím traveling with want to be the best trainers that they can be and I guess that Iím doing the same." "Then come back here once youíre finished with your journey. It really would be for the best if someone with more experience in the realms of the paranormal was there if you are to consider using the information in that book." Damian was surprised by this. He wasnít sure whether it was an invitation or an order, but it was a surprise either way. Damian floundered "Uhm, yeah, well I still havenít even challenged you for a badge yet, and there are a couple of other things after that that need your attention." "In that case, we should get this match out of the way so that these other things can get my attention. The match will be three pokemon each. Are you ready?" He nodded in response to her question "Then for my first pokemon I will useÖ" As she trailed off, there was a flash of light. When it faded the pokemon that stood there shouted "Kadabra!" Haunter clapped for the performance. Damian rummaged through his backpack and came out with a pokeball. "I hope that time spent training you wasnít a waste." After speaking to the pokeball he popped it open. From the red glow materialized a "Rhyhorn!" "Kadabra, Disable" "Quake, Horn Attack! Before you lose itÖ" The stone rhino charged across the room. From the other end of the arena Kadabra was enveloped in a soft blue glow. The glow shot off and closed around the rapidly closing Rhyhorn. However, it seemed to have no effect as Quake plowed right into the psychic pokemon and sent it sprawling. "Quake, Stomp it!" "Kadabra, teleport" The rock pokemon moved over to the downed psychic, but before the powerful foot could be brought down, its target had disappeared. The sound of the foot hitting the floor acted as the thunder to complement the flash of lightning that signaled the reappearance of Kadabra on the other side of the room. "Kadabra, psychic" "Quake, Horn Attack it again!" Quake again charged across the room at a full gallop. This time, however, Kadabra glowed an angry red. The glow stayed around the psychic pokemon too long. By the time it shot towards the charging Rhyhorn, the pokemon had already just about finished its charge. The red light struck the pokemon in the head and its legs stopped moving. Unfortunately, by this time the stone rhino had too much momentum and slammed into its opponent. The attack ended with both pokemon down, but Quake was positioned on top of Kadabra. "Quake, Stomp!" "Kadabra, teleport!" For once, there was a tone of urgency in Sabrinaís voice as she gave her command. Quake looked somewhat dazed but obliged by jumping in the air in order to bring its full weight down on the trapped Kadabra. The problem was that it is a very rare occasion where a Kadabra is truly trapped. The rock pokemon shook the floor as it landed directly on it and not the psychic pokemon that had been there a moment before. Predictably, the psychic appeared on the other side of the arena. "Kadabra, psychic" "Quake, another Horn Attack" The stone rhino turned and charged, bit it no longer looked dazed. In fact, there was a glint of determination in its eye as it closed the distance. It was hit by the glow of Kadabraís psychic attack sooner than the last time, but this time only lowered its head as it continued its charge. Just as Quake hit the psychic pokemon it brought its head back up, throwing the assailed Kadabra into the air like a chewed-up rag doll. When it landed, Kadabra struggled for a moment before its eyes closed and sank into unconsciousness. Sabrina looked over at her fainted pokemon and after another flash of light it disappeared. She pulled a pokeball out from behind her back. "My next pokemon will beÖ" She opened her pokeball and the pokemon that formed from the glowing red light yelled out "Venomoth!" Damian hung his head "With how often this happens, Iíve got to teach him a move to take out fliers." "Venomoth, psybeam" "Quake, uh, Horn Attack, I guess" Before the stone rhino had even made it half-way to its target, it was cut down by a blast from the flying bug. The blast was enough to finally take it down. "Quake, return" Damian took another pokeball from his backpack as he replaced Quakeís pokeball. "I sure hope you can repeat how you did at the other gym in this city." The pokemon that appeared from this pokeball was a "Gengar!" "Venomoth, psybeam" "Spook, Hypnosis!" Energy began to build up on Venomothís antennae. It didnít happen fast enough because within a few seconds the combination of the soft glow of red eyes, the shine of extraordinarily white teeth, and the monotone chant from the ghost pokemon had caused the flying bug to fall to the ground. It rested on the floor in a comfortably light sleep as the energy on its antennae harmlessly dissipated. "Spook, Dream Eater!" Spook floated over and began to hover in place above the downed bug. It began to concentrate on the opposing pokemon, but was interrupted by a scarlet flash of light which caused its target to disappear. Sabrina put the pokeball back behind herself. "It would have lost, anyway. It wasnít fast enough. This one is, though." A pokeball floated over her head from behind and moved into the air directly in front of her. It then opened to reveal an "Alakazam!" "Alakazam, psychic" "Spook, Hypnosis!" It took only a second for the psychic glow from Alakazam to hit Spook. It was enough . Spook sank to the ground with an image of a penny in each eye. Damian swapped pokeballs one last time. "I guess it comes down to luck." What came out of this pokeball was also ball-shaped. The pink pokemon gleefully shouted "Clefairy!" "Alakazam, Disable" "B-Clef, Metronome!" A soft blue glow formed around Alakazam and B-Clef began rocking back and forth as it chanted "clefairy, clefairy, clefairy". Both finished their attack simultaneously. In both cases a soft blue glow shot from one to the other. Both of the human controllerís sets of eyes narrowed as they considered what had just happened. "Alakazam, psychic" "B-Clef, Metronome!" Both pokemon just sat there for several moments until they looked at their controllers with the closest that they could muster to confusion on their faces. "This is bad, but we can deal with it." Damian covered his ears and then ordered "B-Clef, Sing!" "Alakazam, psybeam" It is only a moment after the psybeam hits the pink puff of a pokemon that the most formidable natural psychic type of pokemon follows it up with the sound of snoring. "B-Clef, Doubleslap!" A member of arguably the cutest species of pokemon currently known bounces over to its opponent. It then proceeds to begin smashing the sleeping Alakazam into the floor. After a few more of these commands, the psychic pokemon looks like it was the target of an angry peasant mob. Sabrina issues one more command to her last pokemon "Alakazam, return". Its pokeball floats back to where it came from and Sabrina steps over to Damian. "It looks like you earned this one." Sabrina holds out her hand and Damian takes the badge contained therein. Damian walks over towards Drake as Sabrina looks at Sarah Jane "I believe youíre next." TBCÖ Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately