From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.comSPAMu2Q> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999 9:03 AM >> And there, atop a stone pedestal, enjoying a >>> sunbeam... >>> >>> ...was a large, white cat. > > >Nori opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. It was probably >for the >best... any noise at this point would have awoken the sleeping Persian. >Nori >finally regained her voice, and began to giggle uncontrollably behind her >hand. >Magmar looked at her, as if sheíd gone insane. "Magmar mag?" >"Look, Magmar!" Nori squealed, trying to keep her voice down, "It... itís >Blizzard! This is going to save my life!" >"Mag..." It sounded doubtful. > >Heedless, Nori pulled out the blue Rocketball, and raised it high above >her >head. Walking on tiptoe, she advanced toward the sleeping Persian, and prepared >to toss it... > >"Purr!" >Blizzardís sea blue eyes flew open. > >"Eep!" Panicked, Nori hurled the ball at Blizzard. It landed, unopened, >between >the catís paws. >Blizzard looked at the ball, then to Nori, who froze in terror; and back >to the >ball again. Suddenly, it broke into a grin, and began rolling the ball back >and >forth between its paws. > >Nori and Magmar glanced at each other, and sweatdropped simultaneously. >Nori >slowly approached the Persian, which was deeply involved in its game. >"Blizzard." >It looked up at her, and closed its eyes, in a catty grin. Nori frowned. >It >seemed so peaceful, how could she fight it? > >"Purr," Blizzard was bathed, half in the golden light from the sun, and >half in >the red glow from Magmarís body. The jewel on its forehead shined alternately >green and purple, depending on where its head was turned. It seemed almost >motherly, for some odd reason, and the thought of capturing it tugged at >Noriís >heartstrings. > >"Blizzard," she began again, "Iím going to capture you." >Nori snatched the ball from Blizzardís paws, and held it out at an armís >length. Blizzard continued smiling, feeling a little confused, perhaps; >but by >no means threatened. Nori took a deep breath, and tossed the ball. > >"Mao!" The cat smacked the ball back to her hand, and trotted off into the >cave. > >"EEK! Wait!" Nori raced after the Persian, tripping over her own feet every >couple of steps. Blizzard bounced along ahead of her, seemingly enjoying >the >chase. >"Hold up!" > >"Mag?" Magmar asked, assuming a fighting stance. >Nori shook her head. "No. No fire. We donít want to burn its coat." >She didnít have many options... Akuni was back in Saffron, Meowth was >unconscious in her backpack. Giseisha and Fushigidane were far too weak >to >fight the Persian. All of which meant, that if it came down to it, sheíd >have >to fight the Persian herself. > > In front of her, Blizzard stopped short. It had run itself into a corner. >Nori >grinned, and walked towards it. The Persian banked to the right, then the >left, >trying to find a way around her; but Nori followed its movements, blocking >them. Finally, seeing no way around her, the cat resigned itself to jump >over >the girl, kicking her to the ground in the process. > >As quickly as she could regain her bearings, Nori scrambled to her feet, >and >continued after the cat. She was running as fast as her legs would carry >her, >while Blizzard had the gait of a lazy gallop. Magmar quacked behind them, >no >longer merely floating; but careening after them like a fireball, in a >desperate attempt to keep up. Suddenly, Blizzard put out an extra burst >of >speed. Nori grit her teeth, leaned into the wind, and pumped her legs as >fast >as she could. She tried not to think about running. If she did, her mind, >incredulous of the speeds at which her body was moving, would surely force >her >to trip. Instead, Nori focused on Blizzard, and solely on Blizzard, and >the >distance between them, and the rate at which she was closing in... > >And not on the gorge up ahead, that Blizzard was prepping to jump. > >"PURRR!" Blizzard sang, leaping into the air. >Without stopping, or slowing down, Nori chucked the ball at Blizzardís flying >body. There was a flash of red light, as the Persian was converted to >electricity, and drawn into the ball. The Rocketball hung in the air for >a >moment longer, suspended in time and space. In the next instant, Nori had >repelled off the edge of the cliff, leaping into the darkness to save the >plummeting pokeball. She grinned, self-satisfied, as the ball came to rest >in >her right hand; then fell thirty-some-odd feet to the bottom of the chasm, >making a nice little crater when she hit. > >The girl sat up, slightly dizzy. She loosened her grip on the pokeball, >which >flew open, releasing Blizzard; who made a good display of its Fury Swipes >attack, before running off. Magmar, who had been floating nicely for some >time >now, fell off the cliff, and landed on her head. >"MAAAG!" it screamed, clearly frustrated by the fact that it had fallen. >It let >out a cloud of Smog, set it on fire with an Ember attack, then Metronomed, >and >used Explosion. > >Nori coughed, and sunk to the bottom of the crater. >"Ya na kanji..." > >* * * > >>"Now... I believe there was something you wanted to discuss with me?" >>said Sabrina. "I believe it was to do with the abilities you have >>recently developed." > >There came a flash of light, and Nori dropped to the floor beside Sabrina. >The >girl looked around, blinking, clearly confused. Her skin was blackened, >her >clothes were sooty; she was covered in cuts and bruises from head to toe. > >Sarah Jane frowned, revisiting the thoughts she'd had about Nori earlier >that >day. She was about to say something, but Nori reacted first, jumping to >her >feet, and rushing at Sabrina. > >"Why did you bring me back? Why did you let it get away? If you've scanned >my >mind, you know that this is a matter of life and death!" > >Sabrina's eyes narrowed, and with a wave of psychic energy, she sent Nori >hurtling into a wall. >"I have no vested interest in you," she scowled, "Or anyone else, for that >matter. I merely sought to rid my gym of *that*, for the duration of the >match." > >Nori followed Sabrina's pointed finger to Meowth, who was peeking its nose >out >from between the backpack's zippers; snuffling around, and trying to find >a way >out of the bag. >"Yeah?" Nori felt defensive, for some reason. "Whaddaya have against my >Meowth?" >She leapt to her feet, and started back towards Sabrina; but her body froze >in >mid-step, and refused to take any of her subconcious commands. Nori struggled >for a moment, then gave up, and resigned herself to stand in place. > >"Are you going to behave yourself?" Sabrina asked, a slight smile showing >through on her stony facade. She turned back to Sarah Jane, and continued >to >speak. Meanwhile, Jon had been enjoying a nice long nap at the Pokemon Center. He awoke with a Ninetales tail over him, a Vulpix on his head, a Pidgeot between his body and right arm, a Jolteon on his lap... Pokemon everywhere. He shook everything off and pulled them back into Pokeballs. Looking at the time and lack of people around, Jon began to realize everyone was at the gym. He started off at a fast pace for it. Vulpix still sat on his head as he ran into the gym. He followed the hall as he had earlier, showing the desk psychic his Marsh Badge. Jon skidded to a stop outside the challenge room. Damian and Drake were waiting there, Damian proud to show off his Marsh Badge. Sarah Jane, and Nori, were nowhere to be found. Jon looked at Damian, who said. "They're still inside." Jon peered through the hole. He could see Sabrina talking with Sarah Jane... obviously not hostile. But Nori was off to the side, standing still. Something was odd. Her Meowth... and a weird looking Pokeball... Jon shrugged it off. He sat down beside Damian and started talking. "So, how's the Pokenomicon..." At the same time, Jon's Kadabra pulled a Gameboy out of his pocket. He popped in a new game and started playing... "Pokemon Pinball..." -------------------------------------------------------- To catch them is my real quest, to train them is my cause! <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see one of the official Pokewars websites at