From: Bandraptor <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Tuesday, April 20, 1999 11:03 PM > >Sarah Jane and Nori faced Sabrina. Sarah Jane became rather >uncomfortable. She didn't want to discuss her newfound abilities in >front of Nori... or the Meowth. > >"You had something you wished to discuss with me," said Sabrina. Sarah >Jane nodded, unsure of how to suggest she and Sabrina move somewhere >where they could talk in private. <<You do not want her to know. That >is understandable,>> Sarah Jane heard in her mind. <<Ask me a question >aloud, then think your comment to me.>> > >"I have three psychic Pokemon. A Kadabra, a Hypno, and a Mr. Mime. I >want to be sure that I raise them in the best way for competition. I >was told you could advise me on this," said Sarah Jane aloud. <<I >recently developed the ability to understand Pokemon... and to be able >to read their thoughts... it's kind of scary, and I'm not sure how to >deal with this.>> she thought. > >"May I see your Pokedex? That way I can see what you've done with them >so far." <<These abilities can be a great responsibility. Your psychic >Pokemon will be of aid. You will find that your bond is strengthened >with all of your Pokemon.>> > >"Here," said Sarah Jane as she passed the Pokedex to Sabrina. Nori >listened to their discussion on psychic Pokemon only half interested. >Couched in the discussion, Sarah Jane and Sabrina had a lengthy >telepathic discussion regarding her new abilities. Occasionally Shields >chipped in something from his experience. > >"I would suggest trading your Kadabra so it can evolve into an >Alakazam. You can trade it with someone for the evolution, then return >it immediately afterwards." <<You could stay here and benefit from >direct training, but that is not what you want to do. Perhaps after you >finish your Pokemon Journey, you should return here with your friend.>> > >"Well, that's something to consider, since I really don't want to give >up Sigfried." <<Maybe. We can talk about it. But I do want to >continue my journey.>> > >"Vary your attacks. If one of your Pokemon uses Psychic, another should >use Psywave. That will help keep the opponents off guard." <<That is >your decision. Your Mr. Mime will help you learn to use your >abilities in the meanwhile.>> > "This is boring!" Nori whined, still unable to move. "How come I gotta listen to all this?" Meowth finally managed to wiggle its way out of Nori's backpack, and climbed up on her shoulders. *What... has happened?* "Stupid psychics and their stupid powers..." Nori grumbled, trying once again to move. Meowth frowned, and with some effort, managed to break the aura that was holding her in place. *It... It's not that. There's a presence... a powerful one, somewhere nearby.* "Spectre?" The cat shook its head. *I can not place its source. It is... a kindred spirit...* Nori shrugged, not knowing how to respond, and began to gather her belongings. It looked like Sarah Jane and Sabrina had finished talking. >"Well, thank you for your advice," said Sarah Jane as she took back her >Pokedex. "You've given me a lot to think about." > >"Please come and visit the next time you return to Saffron. I would be >interested to see your progress," said Sabrina. > >"Are you finished?" said Nori. > >"Yeah," said Sarah Jane as she waved to Sabrina. The two walked out. > >"You two seemed to hit it off," said Nori. > >"I guess we had something in common," returned Sarah Jane cautiously. >They went to try and find Damien and Jon. Nori scowled inwardly, wondering why Sarah Jane was giving her the cold shoulder. The girl frowned, and checked her pocket for the blue and red pokeball. If Sarah Jane *did* know what she was up to, she might have to leave the group again... The two walked in silence for several minutes, and spotted Jon and Damian somewhere down the hall. They were mulling over an odd book... "Hey, you're done!" Damian called, snapping the book shut. "How'd it go?" Sarah Jane mouthed something to him, and with a nod, he fell silent. "Well, if we're done here," Nori began, "I'd like to get to Celadon. I hear they've got a Grass Gym there, and I'd really like their leader to take a look at Fushigidane." The others nodded, and they started back toward the Poke Center, to heal their injured pokemon. All the while, Damian seemed preoccupied... TBC -Beth "Ii kanji!"