From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.commys4life> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 5:43 AM >Bandraptor wrote: >> > ><snippage> > >> Nori scowled inwardly, wondering why Sarah Jane was giving her the cold >> shoulder. >> The girl frowned, and checked her pocket for the blue and red pokeball. >If >> Sarah Jane *did* know what she was up to, she might have to leave the >group >> again... > >Sarah Jane watched Nori warily. The Meowth with her served to make >Sarah Jane more nervous. She didn't dare try focusing on it's mind, in >case it sensed her inexperienced mental intrusion. There was a distinct >aura around both, which might explain why Sabrina had teleported Nori >away. Sarah Jane had a strange feeling, like Death was stalking them... >She knew that for some strange reason, Nori had wanted Spectre dead, but >since she had seen Spectre shortly before Nori arrived, it wasn't that. > >But it felt like a death had taken place with Nori involved. > >> The two walked in silence for several minutes, and spotted Jon and Damian >> somewhere down the hall. They were mulling over an odd book... >> >> "Hey, you're done!" Damian called, snapping the book shut. "How'd it go?" >> Sarah Jane mouthed something to him, and with a nod, he fell silent. >> >> "Well, if we're done here," Nori began, "I'd like to get to Celadon. I >hear >> they've got a Grass Gym there, and I'd really like their leader to take >a look >> at Fushigidane." > >Jon opened his mouth to say something, but found himself cut off by an >elbow to the side by Sarah Jane. She gave him a look as if to say >"don't say it." > >> >> The others nodded, and they started back toward the Poke Center, to heal >their >> injured pokemon. All the while, Damian seemed preoccupied... >> > >"What was that for?" Jon asked Sarah Jane in a whisper. > >"Let's go get a drink while they heal the Pokemon," said Sarah Jane >aloud, taking Jon's arm. When they were out of earshot, she said "You >were going to say something about me using my abilities to understand >Fushigidane, weren't you?" > >"Yeah... you might be able to help it." > >"I had the same idea... but not now. Something's wrong. I don't know >if it's Nori or that Meowth of hers, but I'm getting strange feelings >from the two of them. I don't think I should reveal anything about my >abilities to either of them until we know what's going on." Jon realized what she was saying. He nodded agreement to Sarah Jane. The two of them returned to the Pokemon Center. Meanwhile, Damian continued to look absent-minded. "And, when we get to Celadon, maybe I can see my dad..." Jon finished. TBC... -------------------------------------------------------- Sig v. 1.2 Deathclock says I die on June 23, 2059. Wigglys away! <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see an official Pokewars websites at