Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 22:02:54 GMT From: Time Lady <> Organization: Deja News - The Leader in Internet Discussion Newsgroups: In article <>, Continue <> wrote: <snippage> > The elderly man faced Damian and once again spoke in an even tone "Some > of > my students have not fully absorbed the lessons that they have been > taught. I > hope you will accept his apology." > > Damian nodded with the confused expression still prevalent on his face. > The old > man continued "I am Hiroshi. I am the master of this gym. If you wish, > I can > offer you some training." > > The confused expression finally left Damian's face "That would be great, > thanks! > I can only stay for a couple of hours, but I really appreciate any time > that you can > give." > > Hiroshi chuckled lightly "You are welcome to come to train anytime, but > let us > see if you are as eager to do so after we have finished here today." > > After many pokemon matches, several fainted pokemon, and two more hours, > > Damian begins to make his way back to the Pokemon Center with Drake once > > again in tow. Meanwhile, in a field just outside of Saffron, Sarah Jane had put Ariel and Tweedle into intensive training. The pink Butterfree and the Beedril had both increased their skills by several levels. Spunky and Cuddles had busied themselves with sneak attacks on one another and games of 'hide and seek.' Suddenly the two's attention became focused on a noise nearby. "Ran ni ni. Ni do," said Spunky. <Something's over there. I'll check it out.> "Ni do nidoran!," growled Cuddles. <Not without me you don't!> "Be careful you two," warned Sarah Jane. "Shields, go with them." "Niiiiiii...." moaned the Nidorans as the Mr. Mime got up from his resting place. Together the three went off a short distance, following the strange noise. Stealthily Spunky crept forward. He lept out of the bushes and pounced at the sound. The Nidoran found himself face to face with a Machop. The Machop seemed to stagger as it went into a fighting stance. Spunky did the same. He was about to tackle the Machop when Cuddles blocked him. [RL Note: the following is entirely in Pokemon language, so let's jump straight to the translation] <Stop! Can't you see it's already hurt?> she growled. <So? So what do we do?> returned Spunky in an irritated tone. <We take him back to Sarah Jane> stated Shields. <Human?> asked the Machop. <No humans. Humans bad. Humans hurt.> Spunky noticed the Machop's back, which looked like it had been whipped. <A human did that?> The Machop nodded. <Human not like way I fight. Human have whip. Human whip Machop. Call Machop stupid. Call Machop other names. Human have big R on clothes.> <Team Rocket,> hissed Spunky. <They killed our mama.> <See! Humans bad!> stated the Machop. <Not all humans,> amended Cuddles. <Sarah-momma found us after Momma died. She's been a great momma to us. She teaches us lots of stuff and takes good care of us. Our momma was glad we got Sarah-momma. Jon and Damien, Sarah-momma's friends, are pretty nice too.> <Sarah Jane is not like other humans,> added Shields. <She understands us Pokemon. She will take good care of you.> The Machop looked unconvinced. <If Medusa was here, she could tell you. Sarah Jane rescued me from a carnival. She rescued a Tangela from an abusive trainer. Sarah Jane would take good care of you.> Soon the decision was a moot point. Weak from its wounds, the Machop fainted. Between Shields, Cuddles, and Spunky they managed to drag it to Sarah Jane. They told her what happened. She recalled Ariel and Tweedle, picked up the unconcious Machop, and dashed back to the Pokemon Center. "Nurse Joy, please, this is an emergency!" called Sarah Jane. "What's up?" asked Damien as he and Drake walked up to her. "Some Rocket whipped this poor Machop," said Sarah Jane. "How cruel!" exclaimed Nurse Joy. "You should report that to the police while I have the doctors see to this Machop." <TBC a little later. Gotta go home.> (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ || -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own