From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.comSPAMu2Q> Subject: Re: [PW!] Now in Saffron... Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 3:00 AM Meanwhile, Jon with new Vulpix in tow... er, rather on head, was looking for something to do. He looked around, and remembered that there had been a bunch of trainers just outside of Saffron. He quickly decided to challenge a few and level up. Jon grabbed some Potions and set out. As Jon stepped past the Saffron City sign, he noticed 5 trainers. The first stepped up to him. "Fresh Fish! Fresh fish!" <brought to you by Andersonville, the movie> Jon glared at him, and nearly paralyzed him. "Ok, ok. You beat 2 of us, then you try to beat our leader. Kapish?" Now smug, Jon grinned. "Ok. I want to battle... you! First." Jon picked out a Bird Keeper. The bird keeper stepped up. "All of our battles are one on one. You ready? Let's go! Fearow! Don't fail me now!" "Hmm... Fearow." Jon thought. "I'll use my Flying Pokemon to take it on! Here we go! Pidgeotto!" "FEAROW!" "PIDGEOTTO!" "Fearow, Peck attack now!" The huge beak bird poked at Pidgeotto. However, it was not effective because of the type. "OK! Pidgeotto! Wing Attack now!" Pidgeotto pounded at Fearow with its wings, hurting it. "Hang in there Fearow! Drill Peck!" "No, quick, Pidgeotto! Agility! Dodge it!" Fearow charged in with its most powerful attack. At the last second, Pidgeotto flew aside. Suddenly, Fearow flew to the ground. Pidgeotto circled it, not wondering what to do. The Fearow began to glow. Suddenly, it shot up high in the air, and smashed back down to Pidgeotto, causing it to smash to the ground. "Pidgeotto!? You okay? One last move!" Pidgeotto lay still for a second. Then, it began to return to its own power. "Pidgeotto, finish it! Mirror move!" Pidgeotto mimiced what Fearow did. The less agile Fearow could not stand the shock, and fainted. "OK, you win. Nice match." The keeper offered a hand. "Sure, you too." Jon administered a potion to Pidgeotto. Suddenly, it began to glow. "Very funny, Pidgeotto, knock off the Sky Attack." However, as the glow began to grow larger, Jon realized that Pidgeotto was evolving. Jon's Vulpix sat in awe upon his head. The glow ended, and a large bird stood there. "Pidgeot? Pidgeot!" Jon grinned. "Congratulations! Now, we've got some more work to do." After the next battle, in which Jon's Jolteon ably defeated a Horsea, it was time for the leader. Jon walked over. "So, are you going to be any harder than the others? I just trashed a Lickitung earlier today. One on one." Jon stared at the snobbish girl. "Alright, I'm in." "Fine." She picked up a Pokeball. "Dewgong, I choose you!" The sea lion came out. "Water type...." Jon thought. "Grass." "Bulbasaur! Go!" Although Jon did not know it, this Bulbasaur had quite a decent amount of battle experience. "Vine whip!" Bulbasaur seemed cautious, but Vine whipped Dewgong. It seemed badly damaged. "Dewgong, rest!" The Dewgong began to heal all its wounds. "All right, Bulbasaur, vine whip again!" The damage dealt was minimal. Try as it might, Bulbasaur couldn't do much damage. The Dewgong rolled awake. "Aurora Beam!" A bright sunbeam shot out at Bulbasaur. It struck it hard, nearly fainting it. Jon thought hard. "I've got to disable it, so it can't attack. What can I do...?" Suddenly, it struck him. He remembered that this Bulbasaur, somehow had learned Sleep Powder. "Bulbasaur, hang in there. Sleep powder!" The powder forced the Dewgong asleep, but this time it did not heal. "Huh? Dewgong, what are you doing?" Jon grinned. "Bulbasaur... use your last move." "Bulbasaur." Bulbasaur powered up, and began to suck energy from Dewgong. It used this energy to heal itself. "The mega drain technique, in action!" The girl leered at Jon, causing his attack to fall. "Call it back. You win." Jon left that field with a new Pidgeot, and trust from Bulbasaur. Now, maybe he could rest... -------------------------------------------------------- To catch them is my real quest, to train them is my cause! <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see one of the official Pokewars websites at