Subject: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] Oz awakens, yet again Date: 5 Apr 1999 04:39:36 GMT From: (Yosh1121) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Previously(on Dragon Ball Z!!::chases away the freaky announcer guy::) Oz got in a ship wreck, involving several Rockets and a Psyduck/Golduck and was dragged to Celadon where he now awakens... Oz awoke, and groaned. He seemed to be doing this way too often. He opened his eyes, to see the face of a man, in about his 30's with a receding hairline problem. "Good morning, Oswald," the face said. "Who're you?" Oz demanded, glancing around, noting that the face was firmly attached to a head and body. "I'm Dr. Paxton. I'm the one who took care of you. You've been out of it for a long time," the doctor smiled warmly, as he thought would reassure Oz that everything was all right. Oz just felt more frustrated at being so confused. "So, I'm in a hospital?" Oz interrogated. "Yep," the doctor responded. "Where?" "Celadon." "Why?" "You needed hospitalization" Oz blinked at the doctor. "Some time ago, you were dragged in by a Golduck, as well as a couple of Pokémon. You were all in bad shape, so we took you in and rushed the Pokémon the Pokécenter, where I imagine they're OK now, although you and that Golduck were shot up pretty badly." Oz glanced at his left arm. It was in a sling. He spotted his backpack propped up on a nearby table and took out his Pokédex. He did a search on the name Golduck while the doctor waited patiently. It brung up the familiar form of which had been carrying him from the wreckage. "Ohh, Peanut Butter." "What?" "Nothing." "I talked to your mother on the phone, she seemed worried about you running away from home. She said she was hiring an escort, to pick you up and take you home." Oz remained silent, not knowing what to say. Not like the conversation had gone real well anyway. The doctor soon stepped out, and Oz got out of bed, wincing from the pain of his left shoulder. Finding his original clothes, he quickly changed out of the small hospital dress. He wasn't going home. No matter what. Going back would be like quitting, or worst yet failing. He was well on his venture, and there was no way he was stopping now. He grabbed his backpack, and slid open a window. He slipped out, despite his aching left shoulder, and slipped into a dark back alley. Soon after he exited the Pokécenter with the sorely missed Sandshrew by his side and Katt sleeping in her Pokéball. Peanut Butter had disappeared, probably back to the ocean, to his Psyduck friends. "Well, Sandshrew, off to the auction I guess..." Oz said. "Shrew shrew." "Yeah, hopefully. But, who knows what we'll see, though?" Oz commented, walking heading towards the Celadon Square. ~~~~~ Interaction? Anybody? Please? Tuppence? Tuppence for the birds? Hey, I need to borrow your god for a while. Yeah, don't worry. Only for a few minutes. OK, thanks...::prays to the Goddish for some interaction:: There...::gives Goddish back:: See? Nothing to it.... Yosh ---------- "I wish, I wish you could swim. Like dolphins, like dolphins can swim..." Wallflowers, Heroes All right, so what? I'm having a musical trauma ^.^ ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh.