Subject: Re: [PW!] Peanut Buttery Goodness Date: 5 Apr 1999 03:06:26 GMT From: (Yosh1121) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Eee....too busy! Sorry, this is coming a bit late so think of it as a few days earlier, please? Eee....and I couldn't even find my old post to put this up with, since I had to "Mark All Read" a whole bunch... Anywayz, previously Oz had hitched a ride with a pair of people, who had revealed themselves to be Rockets somewhat into the journey. shortly after he gets shot: ~~~~~ The first thing to come was pain. Pain like nothing he had ever felt. Of course, he had never really felt a lead slug in his shoulder before. With a loud moan he rolled over onto his back and bumped into something. He opened one eye, to see Jack standing over him. Startled, Oz tried to scramble away, only intensifying the pain. Jack was by no means a tall, or intimidating guy, but when dressed up in Rocket garb, there seemed to be some unseen evil emitting from him. He wore the outfit well, the usual white pants, and shirts with the red R were seemingly expertly made for him and only him to wear appropriately. The fact that he held a very threatening gun in his hand helped. With an acknowledging grunt, he walked over to Cassie, who was leaning against the wall, looking very sober. She argued silently with Jack for a while, but Jack refused to back down. Oz scanned the deck for Sandshrew and Katt, but didn't see any signs of them. His eye caught some movement behind him but it hurt too much to turn his head. Whatever it was, it slowly approached the tied Oz. The two arguing Rockets didn't notice. "Psy?" the Psyduck asked curiously. "Peanut Butter!" Oz sighed in relief, almost to loudly. Oz quickly asked Peanut Butter to untie him, keeping an eye on the arguing duo. Gritting his teeth, he ignore the pain and ignored the pain searing from the gunshot wound on his left shoulder. It had been roughly bandaged up, but it wasn't very effective, as the bloody bandage slipped sometimes. Oz ignored it all and charged straight towards Jack. The Rocket barely had enough time to register this incoming threat and jump aside, letting the boy run straight into a wall. Oz slumped to the floor, pain coming back, multiplied now. "All right, boy. You've been enough trouble as it is," Jack spat at Oz. "And you've just signed your own deathwish," Oz stared in terror and Cassie ran down below, sobbing, as Jack raised the gun towards Oz. But a streak of yellow feathers raced across the deck and Scratched Jack across the face. Jack cried in pain and fired off a random shot. Peanut Butter tried running away, but Jack soon composed himself and spotted the racing Psyduck. He raised the gun, took careful aim, and shot just as Peanut Butter reached the edge. The Psyduck's body rocketed over the edge, trailing blood across the air, and fell into the water with a big splash. Jack turned around back to Oz, with a huge grin. Oz could merely wince in pain. He was very near to passing out again, and didn't know how long he could stay conscious. "Now that, is what being a Rocket is about. He won't ever try that again," Jack said, tracing the small paths of blood on his face from the Psyduck's Scratch attack. "But, I'm afraid I really haven't been a true Rocket." Jack said as he deliberately checked his clip, while Oz wheezed for breathe, staring up at Jack. "Team Rocket is going to prosper more than you could ever remember, boy. And when it does, sadly, you aren't going to be there to see it." Jack said, once again pointing the gun at Oz. "But...but..." Oz desperately tried to plead, but he was breathing in short ragged gasps. He doubted he could stay conscious for a few more seconds. "Being a Rocket leaves little margin for error. Welcome to my spellchecker." Just as Jack squeezed the trigger, Oz fainted. ----- Oz awakened, his mind in a jumble. As far as he could manage to tell he was being carried backwards on his back and was currently staring up at the darkening sky. He really should stay awake, it would help him feel less confused less often, he thought to himself. Something wasn't right. Where was Jack? He eased his aching neck forward to look back at the opposite way he was being carried from. He was still on the sea, but the boat was no longer in sight. All he could see was scattered flotsam. He glanced in the opposite direction and was instantly hit by a sudden wave of dizzy lightheadedness, and almost fainted again. What he saw were big tall buildings silhouetted against the setting sun. The image wandered through his head for a few moments before connecting with a name. Celadon. He sighed in relief, and almost fell unconscious again. Needless to say, he wasn't feeling well. Finally, he twisted his head downwards. There below him was a very wounded and weary, but determined Golduck. Oz caught sight of an oozing bullet hole in the Golduck's back. His eyes flicked back to the terribly destroyed ship even as he felt his mind giving way. Peanut Butter. He really needed to learn how to name Pokémon better... TBC? Yosh ---------- "Any last words?" "This sucks?" -Quinn and some other dude as Quinn's about to be hanged, Sliders ---------- Note: Beware the rabid Yosh