From: Cat-Gonk <gjani@upnaway.conned> Subject: [PW!] Performance Date: Sunday, April 18, 1999 7:27 AM Performance -By Cat-Gonk. Shrike circled once in the air, decreasing her airspeed before gliding into land at the foot of the Six Star Circus. The usual crowd of tourists had lined up for the evening show, Lancelot guarding the entrance. "Can we go in?" "Fetch'd far." The large Farfetch'd stepped aside, and ushered the travellers into the grandstand. Shrike flew up to the roof, and made her own way in. "Is he alright?" asked Felix. He hadn't seen his father for quite some time now. "Fetch'd far far?" added the intimidated Cygnet. Lancelot was many times his size and was heavily built. In the ring below, Charlesson's Pokemon were hastily preparing for the first show. The four released their Pokemon, who took seats in the grandstand. Mocha was having an argument with Jolteon, but the others seemed to be getting along fine. "Felix!" Putting aside a clipboard, Lionel Charlesson walked towards the group and greeted Felix with open arms. "How have you been?" "I'm fine. Are you alright?" Charlesson still wore a few bandages around his suit but was otherwise back to normal. At his belt hung three chained Pokeballs. "Come into my office." ----------- Samuraichu wasted no time in seating himself on the plush velvet chairs inside the office. Not much had changed since Felix's leaving Hellion, only a few new paintings and the odd Pokeball lying about. "So, who are these two?" asked Charlesson. "This is Kirsty." "Hello!" Kirsty giggled as usual. Charlesson nodded. "...and remember Samuraichu?" "Chu!" Extending a paw, the two shook hands. "We've done heaps," said Tick. "I've got four Badges now!" exclaimed Felix. "I've only got one," sadly voiced Kirsty. "Chu? Raichu chu raichu!" (Four? I've got six!) Fierce bickering ensued, until eventually Charlesson stepped in. Felix had Samuraichu's tail knotted around the chair leg, Tick had a blade to Feliox's throat whiel trapped in Kirsty's headlock. "Let me see what you've caught." Kirsty went outside, and called their Pokemon from the grandstand. Cygnet hopped onto Charlesson's desk. "Fetch'd far fetch'd" (This is Oddish) "Oddish..." One of his leaves was alight, and the fumes inhaled by Chansey. "Farfetch'd fetch'd far." (His name is Galahad.) "Bzzt bzzt." "Fetch'd" (Flutterby.) "Freeeee!!!" "Far far." (Chansey.) "Chansiiii!!" While the others introduced their Pokemon to the great master Charlesson, Felix took out the Sky Attack and Solarbeam TMs from his backpack. It didn't seem to match most of the TMs in the desk drawers, instead being larger and more intricate. "Great!" said Charlesson. "I've got a show on now, would you like to watch?" "Chaaa!" ----------- A special, normally empty VIP box was soon filled by the quartet and their Pokemon. As usual, Cygnet as Jolteon were fighting, while Victreebel and Oddish calmly smoked each other's foliage. Charlesson was down in the central arena, microphone in hand. Four spotlights focused in on his position. "Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, the Hellion Six Star Circus!" Rapturous appluase filled the stadium. "Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, the famed Wallace of Hellion!" Wallace marched proudly into the central ring. In the smaller, lower rings, Charlesson's Pokemon practised their acts and entertained members of the audience close to them. "First of all, what do you think of that new sound rig?" Charlesson guestured to the massive assembly of speakers and spotlights above the central arena. Wallace's cheeks slowly glew a sparkling blue as his mind interfaced with the stadium speakers. "It's a welcome change." As Mr Mimes are mute, the crowd laughed and clapped. Wallace was one of the few living Mr Mimes that could manipulate technology with mental energy. "However, I don't think that it will hold..." Above the arena, Lancelot cut the cables supporting the sound rig with his broadsword. Gasps filled the stadium as the large assembly of speakers fell towards Wallace, and was slowly lifted back up by a powerful Barrier. "Let's hear it for Wallace of Hellion!" The two shook hands, Wallace signalling for Lancelot to tie the cables back together. ----------- "And now, Djinn the Haunter's Aurora Dance! Remember, if you have sensitive eyes I advise you to look away during this section." The stadium went dark, Djinn's choreograph music playing from the sound assembly. Djinn floated into the central ring, the eerie glowing of his eyes the only light in the stadium. Taking up position, his disembodied hands glew with a rainbow of colour. "HAUNT!" As the music hit a heavy beat, Djinn threw a hand across the stadium. A glowing nimbus of energy swept across the stadium from his hand to his body. Two more rays of light swooped around the stadium, before the main section started. The audience was amazed. Djinn dove and spun, the same rainbow trail of energy following behind him. Shooting a dazzling Confuse Ray up into the centre of the big top, all Hellion was ablaze with colour. His act continued until a dazzling finale, where he spread a rainbow nimbus of energy across the entire grandstand. ----------- "Fetch'd far far!" exclaimed Cygnet. "Presenting, Lancelot, Sandstorm and the Hellion Resort Rattatas!" Lancelot and Sandstorm took a bow, while the pack of twelve Rattatas could only nod their heads. "First of all, Sandstorm the Sandslash performing a high-dive!" From the sound platform, Wallace lifted Sandstorm using telekinesis. Sandstorm set himself down in the audio rig, and high-fived the Mr Mime. Vektor the Porygon hovered onto the arena, and morphed into a small swimming pool. A ringside Wartortle filled the Porygon with water. With a drum roll, Sandstorm gracefully leapt from the sound rig. He spun backwards eleven time and plunged into the water, emerging wet but unharmed. "Next up, Lancelot and the Flying Rattatas!" Lancelot and the Rattata pack waved from one end of a seried of platforms suspended from above the arena. "Fetch'd far!" The Farfetch'd, broadsword in hands swooped into the air, his flgiht pattern waving up and down. Behind him, the Rattata pack followed in a straight line leaping from platform to platform exactly mimicing Lancelot's movements. A few more stunts followed, Vektor making an appearance as the trapeze and trampoline. ----------- "And now, Vektor and Wallace!" Wallace strides into the central arena, Vektor behind him. Charlie Chaplin movie-esque music plays from the sound rig. Vektor slaps Wallace's head, and quickyl morphs into a cupboard. As the Mr Mime looks around for his assailant, Vektor morphs again and kicks Wallace in the back. This continues for quite some time, with Vektor morphing into everything from stovetops to washing machines. Finally, Vektor accidentally morphs into a chair and is promptly crushed by the bulky Mr Mime's weight. ----------- "That's it for tonight! See you all tomorrow!" A standing ovation ensued, the crowd well and truly entertained. Slowly, they began to shuffle out of the grandstands. "How much did we make?" asked Charlesson after the crowd had emptied. Felix and his friends were busy trying to round up all their Pokemon, Cappucino had flown off into the ventilation and Cygnet was head first in a bucket of water. Oddish had set Victreebel alight, Gyarados out cold from the hallucinogenic fumes. Vektor's eyes flickered as his computrised mind calculated the day's takings. "Six thousand Pokedollars (not Pokeyen, Pokedollars. That's $5 for a Revive, not $500). A good day," electronically replied the Porygon. "A vast improvement on yesterday's earnings." "Should we lower admission? Try $7 per ticket" Vektor's eyes scrolled up and down with numbers again, and after a few moments ceased. "The total earnings would be $4200. Still a good profit." "Come one, we've got enough money already." Vektor sweatdropped, and hovered back into the ring to help clean up. "Felix! Enjoy the show?" Felix wrenched Galahad's embedded tail stinger from his chair. "It was great! Did you improve the acts in hospital?" "They were Vektor's idea. I'll see you first thing tomorrow morning!" Felix, Tick, Kirsty and Samuraichu make for the Clampion towers for a place to sleep and for Felix's KA mini bar. ----------- To be continued- Revelations hits AGNP this week.... Cat-Gonk. ---------------------------- Do you belive in Goddish? Azure Heights Pokemon Staff. ( ------------- Champion of Goddish. One half of the Wigglytuff Warlords. ------------- "Hey, I use Lick! It's a lot better than Night Shade!" -SniperZ, clueless as ever. ------------- AGNP- One Newsgroup under Goddish.