From: MTSowbug <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Phoo and Doppler Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 10:21 AM >"You refuse to help me. You refuse to let others acknowledge your >existence. You make yourself inconsequential...but I suppose I should >not have expected more from a bug. Nevertheless, you could be difficult >to account for, and I so dislike allowing chaos to upset my plans. You >honestly think that using Poke balls does not force your pokemon's >choices. *did* stick up for the League." > >The rooftop disentigrated under another Hyper Beam. > >"At least you were right. Something had to be done." Unable to see >the cockroach in the dust cloud, he snapped off a brief psychic scan, >temporarily forgetting the only type of pokemon that was strong against >psychics. And, while a cockroach was no pokemon, it *was* a bug. >Still, Doppler thought he should at least detect a dea- > >#helphelphelpalarmconfusiondangerhelp# > >"What the...?!?" A telepathic jumble of emotions washed over him. >Strangely, it sounded like an echo of himself...or maybe Mimic. Could >Mimic be in trouble? If so, this bore investigating. Abandoning his >target, Doppler winged towards the south. His concentration wavered >slightly when something broke the sound barrier just below and in front >of him, but he paid it no heed: this signal was too strange to ignore. > >Phoo found himself tumbling down on top of a loose pile of gravel. Now, >normally, a 10+ story fall would result in a fatal landing if no >precautions were taken, as was the case here. On the other hand, >smaller bodies tend to take less damage from falling. Much less damage. > >Phoo hurt, but upon checking himself, found that he was barely >scratched. > >"HEYY!!! IT'S that CRAZY BUG trainer?!?" > >And very grateful that the rubble gave him ample places to hide. > >TBC? Phoo was grateful when Larry promptly fainted after speaking, but his happiness was shattered when he saw Doppler getting away. Phoo thought, "Hmm... not without a mark. You... Doppler... will get a nice surprise in a few seconds..." Phoo started pulsating with light, quivering with energy. In a split second, a psionic shield was generated around himself. Teleporting to the top of the rubble pile, Phoo spread his wings, and took off after Doppler. After only a matter of seconds, Phoo was within 50 yards of the shapeshifting pokemon. "All... right. Hmm... this should be it..." Phoo thought. Suddenly, Phoo's psychic shield left him, and shot straight forward at Doppler. The sphere of psychic energy flew through the air and hit Doppler square in the back. The ball of energy burst itself upon contact, and Doppler found himself surrounded in waves of psychic energy, that seemed to be slowing him down. Surprised, Doppler looked behind himself, and yelled, "What is this infernal adbomination? How dare you try such a thing on ME!!! You'll regret..." Phoo was tired from flight, and did not have quite the energy to speak. So he cut Doppler off, and directly thought to him, "Doppler, this is to keep you out of trouble. I've... hmm... what is the word... ah, yes. I have tagged you, psychically. Run off where you must... but I will know when you are there..." Just then, Phoo remembered that Doppler was very dangerous, and decided to teleport out of the area before some sort of attack was launched against him. Phoo arrived on the ground near the pile of rubble after the teleport. "So... that is that. I believe that Doppler... hmm... must not quite have the right mental orientation. At least I tagged him... he very well could be dangerous... full of vile." Phoo dusted himself off, and looked around his surroundings. He noticed Larry lying unconscious, but took him no heed. "I wonder where Icy went off to... after he left the Rocket base. The Porygon flew off towards... the east. Well, then that is where I must head off to. But first, I must do something... for the sake of decency..." *** Fade to black, then about two hours later *** Larry started to wake up. "WHAT IN THE world is GOING ON here... I AM god? Oh-kay. Hrm... WHAT IS this?" Larry screached. He saw a small object sitting before him. Larry picked it up. The object was a fresh, hardboiled egg, with a light sprinking of pepper on top. There was a note attached to it, and it read, "With regards, Phoo. Thank Aurelia for the egg." Larry tucked the egg into one of his pockets, absent-mindedly. After a pause, Larry screamed, as he realized he let Phoo escape again. Acid and bile spewed forth from various pores on Larry's body. He screamed again, then belly-flopped on the ground, and stuck his nose to the pavement. Larry seemed to be trying to pick up the scent of Phoo. Eventually, Larry seemed to find the scent. He then opened up one of his pokeballs, and out came... a Wigglytuff. Larry spoke, manically, "TO THE east!!! TOWARDS Safforn?!?! Yes... NOW mush!" Wigglytuff hopped onto Larry's back, and pulled out a whip. She called, "Wiggly... tuff!" and cracked the whip on Larry, who scurried off towards Saffron city, like a sled dog Weird, yes? Writing for Larry is fun... "They taste salty." - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy. Hey, my character Phoo is the unofficial arch-rival of Random in the PokeWars! (E-mail at