From: Adrian Tymes <> Subject: Re: [PW!] Phoo and Doppler Date: Saturday, April 17, 1999 8:41 PM MTSowbug wrote: > Phoo was tired from flight, and did not have quite the energy to speak. > So he cut Doppler off, and directly thought to him, "Doppler, this is to keep > you out of trouble. I've... hmm... what is the word... ah, yes. I have tagged > you, psychically. Run off where you must... but I will know when you are > there..." Just then, Phoo remembered that Doppler was very dangerous, and > decided to teleport out of the area before some sort of attack was launched > against him. Five Hyper Beams later, Doppler snorted in contempt. Phoo had dared to attack him, and such an insult could not go unavenged. On the other hand, there was that curious psychic signal from the south, and if he, "spent", for "wasted" implied that revenge was not worthwhile...too much time hunting down Phoo, the signal might go away. [NC-Doppler as Kuno: "Phoo...mysterious one...I can not decide! I WOULD DESTROY THEE BOTH!"] Phoo could wait. His "tag" could be made to work both ways, Doppler was sure. After investigating the signal, he would hunt down Phoo, and destroy the tiny fool as an example. > Phoo arrived on the ground near the pile of rubble after the teleport. > "So... that is that. I believe that Doppler... hmm... must not quite have the > right mental orientation. At least I tagged him... he very well could be > dangerous... full of vile." [Gee, you think? ^_^]