From: Stratus <> Subject: [PW!] Please... zzz... let me sleep... a little more... please... zzz... Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 2:42 PM As Stratus walks along the road to Cerulean, he starts getting weary... "I'm tired... I should take a rest," Stratus said. "Sleeping bag, I choose you." He reached into his coat and pulled out an inflatable bed. After it inflated in only 30 seconds, he lay down to go to sleep. Zzzzz... Dream Sequence ----------------------------- "I'm Stratus, and I've come to kill all you Pokémon!" Dream-Stratus said. "Aaah!" all the Pokémon screamed. "Bwa ha ha ha ha!" Dream-Stratus said, and started to punch, kick, and bite all the Pokémon. Suddenly, a 1982 Ford LTD drove up and two black figures walked out of it. They put on their sunglasses, pulled out a Jigglypuff, and let the Jigglypuff use a Flash on Dream-Stratus. FLASH!!! The flash was so bright, no one could see... ----------------------------- But just then, Stratus woke up. What he had dreamed didn't really make any sense. But all dreams mean something. He just didn't know what this really meant. Tired, he said good-night and went back to sleep. Dream Sequence ----------------------------- When the flash cleared, he was in the Pokémon center near Mt. Moon. The men in black suits were kicking away the computer there and leading him down a dark staircase. There, he saw nothing. Nothing at all. He couldn't see anything. "What's going on? Who are you?" Stratus asked. "We are..." a voice spoke. "...the Men in Black!" Suddenly, music came from all directions, and Will Smith appeared. He started singing... ----------------------------- Stratus woke up again to find out that his radio was on, playing the Men in Black song. But why would all this Men In Black stuff be going around if it was only a movie? And everyone already knows that Pokémon were aliens, so why would they exist in the first place? Just go back to sleep... Zzzzz... no comment.