Subject: Psychic Encounter! Spectre vs Sabrina! Date: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 13:53:21 -0500 From: Regulus <> Organization: OSDF Newsgroups: Spec waved to Kat as she walked back into the Pokémon Center. He was going to be taking on Sabrina. Might as well, he figured. He -was- in town after all. Scyther and Kabutops walked slightly behind him, looking around the city. They slowly approached the Saffron Gym. As they entered the doors, Spec casually looked back at his bladed Pokémon. "Scyther, did you teach Topsy your special moves?" Scyther nodded. "Scy scy ther!" "Well alright then. Let's party." They walked down a long, dimly lit hallway. On either side of them were doors, the entire way down. A final door on the end of the hall, with a PokéLeague Symbol on it, indicated Sabrina's room. He opened in and stepped...into darkness. "Hey, what the..." The door slammed shut behind him and, as he looked around, two glowing eyes appeared in front of him. "Kabu TOPS!" "Huh?" He spun around....and got licked. The lights raised instantly as Spec stepped back, wiping ghost drool from his face. "HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW...." Haunter floatted back over and behind Sabrina. Spec muttered something under his breath, then, a bit more audible, stated, "I'm here to battle you, Sabrina." Sabrina, in a calm and collected...not to mention soft....voice, spoke. "Fine. Two on two battle. Understand?" Spec nodded. "I'll be using Psychic Pokémon, hm?" Sabrina only smirked a little. The lights suddenly changed again, dimming briefly as a spotlight focused on a round battle area on the floor. "Haunter, you'll go first." She said, the smirk still on her face. Spec faltered. "Wait a second...!" "Who do you choose?" Spec raised an eyebrow and called a huddle. His Pokémon walked over and they all planned their strategy. "Okay...this wasn't planned....but...." He whispered the rest of the idea quietly, occasionally batting Haunter....or one of it's body parts....away. "Okay, wanna fight like that?" He grinned. "Yuushou! I choose YOU!" He pulled out Yuushou's Pokéball and, in a flash of light, the Wigglytuff stood there, smiling ominously. "Yuushou....SING!" Spec pulled up his ears with cotton, as did Scyther and Kabutops, as Yuushou started to sing her song. "Wiiiiigglyyytuuuuf, Wigglyyyy-yyyytufffff...." Haunter boggled. "Haw haw haunter?" It pulled out a pillow....and his eyes....and set them on it. "Wiiiiglyyytuuuuf....wiiiiglyyytuuuuf....wiiiiiglytuff, wiigglyyyyy..." Haunter's body fell to the ground, snoring, as the floating eyes-on-a-pillow remained hovering in mid-air. Sabrina, who had been using her powers to stay awake, blinked. "Haunter, return." Haunter yawned lazily, floated up to grab it's eyes, and flew back over to beside Sabrina. "That was a dirty trick. Alakazam, I now choose you." Spectre blinked as Alakazam hit the floor. "Yuushou, return. Topsy....take care of this thing." The Kabutops nodded, smiling a bit. "Alakazam....Use Psychic." "Kazaaaam!" "Topsy, do it! VANISH!" "Kaaaaaa...." With a fazing effect, Kabutops disappeared. Sabrina and Alakazam both looked around quickly. "Where did it go? If your Pokémon runs, then I win by forfeit!" Spec said nothing, only watched as he and Scyther's eyes darted around the room, seemingly able to tell where Kabutops was. "Topsy...NOW!" "...BuuuuTOPS!" She reappeared behind Alakazam and slashed. "ZAAAM!" He yelled out in pain. He quickly spun around, glowing. Spec blinked. "That didn't do the trick? Yuh-oh..." Alakazam pulled his arms to his side, glowing brighter. Between his hands formed a small ball. "Allllll.....aaaaa....kaaaaa....ZAAAAAAM!" Throwing his arms in front of him, Alakazam threw out the Psybeam attack. "Buto!" The beam drilled into Topsy and threw her against the far wall. The blast slowly faded...and Topsy sunk down to the ground. "SCYTHER!!!!" Scyther, in a rage after seeing Topsy get beaten so quickly, charged. "Kazam?" "SCYYYYY!" Scyther started jumping around the room until he began just a blur, then, with several quick passes by Alakazam, made the psychic Pokémon pass out. It wasn't until Scyther had come to a stop could the reason be seen. For each pass Scyther made, he left a pair of slash marks on Alakazam's body. In total, there must've been over 30 marks on his body. He looked like hell. Scyther somehow grabbed Topsy's Pokéball from inside Spec's trenchcoat, and pulled her back inside of it. "Scy SCY!" "Fine, hang on.." Spec walked over to Sabrina. He smirked. "Gimme my badge." Sabrina narrowed her eyes a bit and tossed one at him. Spec pinned it inside his trenchcoat, and set off out the door. "C'mon, Scyther....let's get Topsy healed." -- Reg There, that oughta put us in our place...x.x;;