Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Pyyrus goes into the jungle... Date: 11 Apr 1999 20:16:05 GMT From: (Ensign CJ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Chris finished in with the launcdry that he had been forced to do. After his less than successful attempt to capture the Zapdos Chris had decided to trash Ty when he got home. Now though he was going to continue with his task of studying the Pokemon of the Island. He would start off into the jungle just to relax, photograph, and enjoy the surroundings. He packed up his smelly clothes and put them away and then pulled out his camera and headed into the dense underbrush. He trecked into the jungle just enjoying himself. There was too much to see and not enough time to see it all. The Mankeys hung from the trees and Caterpies dashed from tree to tree. Chris caught a Snorlax and its grumpiness after it woke up and trotted back into the bush. He was afraid he might have to leave to get more film...when he saw someone about 10 yrds. northeast of him. He could here him talking and saw two more anout 20 yds away from the first one. Chris racked his brain trying to remember the face, then it clicked..."Well well...Simon Locke, must mean theres gonna be trouble if he's here..." Chris whispered to himself. He then crept through the underbrush to where he could hear and he sat down, fingering Aztec's Pokeball knowing something had to be coming... -TBC- (OOC: I know that this only makes sense to only one person, Simon....but you'll all see in good time what's going on...=) -Chris Pyyrus **************** High Priest of the Garfield Syndicate ****************************************** Garfield is no cat! He's a new Pokemon species!