Subject: [PW!] Pyyrus vs. Sirius Date: 3 Apr 1999 20:14:17 GMT From: (Ensign CJ) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Chris came down the street and went towards the Pokemon Center. Chris had just come from the Department Store in which he had recieved the TMs he had ordered. An added bonus was that for his patience, he had recieved another TM38, and now with Pyro out of the Pokemon Center, he would recieve it. Chris finally reached the Pokemon Center and went in. A few steps in the door, Chris moved off to the left and he sat down. After he sat down he opened up his bag and removed Aztec's Pokeball. Chris explained to Aztec how the TM would work, and told her what to forget. After a few moments, Aztec had forgotten Slam and had replaced it with far more potent Fire Blast. Chris then walked out of the Pokemon Center with Aztec hot on his heels. He then let loose Pyro, his beloved Charizard. Pyro knew the TM drill and gladly recieved the add power of Fire Blast in exchange for Sky Attack. Now with both his Dratini and his Charizard out, a trainer younger tha himself came up behind him, "Hi! I'm Sirius the Dragon Trainer! I see that you have some Dragons of your own! Up for a little match? Although we already know who's gonna win." he inquired, at the end getting a little arrogant. "Well thanks for congratulating me before hand, we'll go 2 vs. 2, and no potions!" Chris instructed. Potions made the battles less interesting, and didn't challange the Pokemon. With no potions, Pokemon would have to use their skills and not just expct to get a quick pick-me-up in a spot. "Deal! Gyarados go!" Sirius commanded "Alright Pyro, you're up first!" Chris countered. "Gyarados Hydro Pump!" Sirius ordered "Watch yourself Pyro! Focas on not getting hit then return with Fire Blast!" Chris told his Charizard. Pyro watched the Gyarados and his Water attack to the last possible second, a second too long. Pyro hadn't fought in months, and wasn't back into the swing of battling. He was whacked by the Hydro Pump attack and keeled over. He groaned and fell down, and landed with a loud thud. He then was recalled to his Pokeball, not ever getting to his Fire Blast attack. "Yes! You're a goner now!" Sirius shouted sure of his own victory. "Don't be so sure! Aztec show'm what the point of having a multi-point dragon is all about!" Chris shouted, "Aztec, go and use Thunder on that Gyarados!" and Aztec moved into position. "You actually expect me to think that that Dratini can hurt MY Gyarados? Alright boy, finish them off with Hyper Beam!" But Sirius had made one crutial error. He had chose a move in which Gyarados had to take a few seconds to charge up. In that few seconds Aztec leaped forward and let loose her electric fury. Gyarados, being the water Dragon, was sent reeling backwards. The dazed and confused Gyarados couldn't keep in battle and so it slumped up, and fainted. "WHAT????? You'll pay for that! Go Cubone!" Sirius cried, "Cubone, use skull Bash!" "Aztec, time to put him into deep freeze! Ice Beam!" Aztec reared back now firmly having the advantage. The Cubone lowered its had and ran head long towards Aztec. Yet the Powerful Dratini waited until she could do the most damage. Aztec fired her Ice Beam and struck Cubone with all of her force. The ice on Cubone kpt growing until he was stopped about two inches from Aztec, encased in 6 inches of ice. "My Cubone! How am I going to get him out????" Sirius cried in almost terror. Chris though and Aztec both knew how to get him out. "Aztec, Fire Blast!" Chris ordered. Aztec did as she was told and fired the rope of Fire at the ice block that was Cubone. Cubone was quickly thawed and was about to keel over. He wobbled back and forth, dropped his bone club, and fell. "AH! Cubone return!" Sirius called definately angry. Then his face turned to utter shock as he realized that he had lost. "Wha...Wha...How....How....How could I have lost??" he mumbled to himself. "Consider it a lesson never to be to arrogant about your abilites, atleast, not when you don't know what the other guy has." Chris said. Then Sirius and himself began to banter a little. About training this, and that. All the while Aztec was beginning to glow. A dark blue, but then the color kept getting brighter. "Drat...Drat....Dratini," she cried then she began to shoot up. Aztec got larger and while the light was blinding, you could note her features changing. Then in one final blinding blast of light, she had evolved. "Dragonair!" she called. "Yes! Aztec you did it! You evolved!" Chris cried in great excitement. "Dragon! Dragon! Air! Dragonair!" she called in the same excitement as Chris. With that Chris recalled Aztec and went into the Pokemon Center to heal Pyro. -TBC- OOC: Don't I just keep beating the crap out of my most powerful Pokemon? At least I don't take the show's approach to keeping strong Pokemon on the shelf, I don't deny that I own one. =) -Chris Pyyrus **************** High Priest of the Garfield Syndicate ****************************************** Garfield is no cat! He's a new Pokemon species!