From: <> Subject: [PW!]Quest for large pokemon Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 3:30 PM Aerow was flying around on his new Aerodactyl. "I love these huge flying pokemon. Don't you Ivy?"said Aerow, "Ivy Ivysaur Saur![Yes]". Aerow looked at his pokemon, and looked through a list of pokemon. He selected Charizard. "Charizard is a a large Flying/Fire type pokemon. Its size is only matched by Tentacruel,Aerodactyl,Onix,Lapras,Gyrados, and Dragonite." Aerow then looked at a list of flying pokemon,Charizard,Aerodactyl,Gyrados,Pidgeot,Fearow,Dodrio, Dragonite,Beedril,Butterfree, and Farfetch'd. "Hmmmm, I already have a Gyrados, and Dodrio, also a Pidgeotto. I gotta get a Charizard,Onix,Lapras,Tentacruel, and Dragonite. But that will take a while, so i should try to get a Dratini and Charmander for now."said Aerow. Aerow sent out his Gyrados, it was so large that it had to fly next to Aerodactyl. "Gyrados, go and find a Dratini in that lake down there, and bring it up here."said Aerow. Gyrados flew down into the water and began searching. Aerodactyl flew in circles around the lake. Aerow noticed a small Charmander walking around. He put a small headphone on Feathers, his Pidgeotto and told him to fly down and attack the Charmander. He saw Pidgeotto get slashed and burned a few times, but feathers managed to injur the Charmander badly. Aerow threw a pokeball from off of Aerodactyl with a rope attached to it. The Charmander was captured and Aerow pulled the pokeball back up. Feathers flew back up also. Aerow tended to Pidgeotto's wounds and opened the pokeball with Charmander in it. Before he could say anything Gyrados came flying back out of the water with a weak Dratini in his mouth. Gyrados had some scratches but he was so large they didn't effect him. Aerow captured the Dratini, and called Gyrados back. Aerow landed in Celdon City. He saw an electronics store, and went in. "Do you have a large pokemon, like a Gyrados and want to have a comfortable ride on it? Then buy the Pokemon mini-office!"said a man. "Whats a mini-office?"asked Aerow, "I'll show you!". The man took him into a room, there was a small car like object in the middle. Aerow went inside it, it had a comfortable chair, and a few small moniters. In the back there was a few sofa's and a La-z-boy, also a T.V. "I'll buy it, how much is it?"said Aerow, "they're on sale, only 1,500 dollars!". "What!1500 dollars!Can i lower you to 950?"said Aerow. "Well, uh I guess, but tell your friends!". Aerow gave him the money, and showed him where Aerodactyl was. The man brought the Mini-Office on a small fork lift and put it on the Aerodactyl, the suction pads on the bottom insured that it would stay on. Aerow got in the mini-office and went to sleep. His pokemon followed. TBC? -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own