From: <> Subject: [PW!]Return of the Redeye Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 4:43 PM "Bulbasaur!!" said Aerow. "What, am i supposed to know what he's saying" asked a very confused Blaine. "How hard is it? He wants to challenge you!!" said Feathers. "What??That Pidgeot talks!!!!" said Blaine, becoming more confused. Aerow was just as confused that Feathers could speak english. "Ok, go Rapidash!!" said Blaine. Aerow took in light, and fired a Solar Beam at Rapidash. Rapidash fell to the ground, and Aerow lept on him. Rapidash fainted. "Drats, go Arcanine!!" said Blaine. "Flamethrower!!" said Blaine. Aerow was hit by the fire, and was smashed against the wall. Aerow was burned and got up. Aerow charged at Arcanine, all that was seen was a green flash. Arcanine fainted, but Aerows burn gave him the same fate. When he awoke he was in the pokecenter. Feathers was grooming his feathers(heh). Aerow walked out, Blaine was waiting. "Hello Aerow, you Pidgeot told me your name and history. You fought very well for a grass pokemon against a fire pokemon. You fought bravely, so i will award you with a Volcano Badge, and this" said Blaine. He handed Aerow the badge, and a marble red eye on a string. Aerow thanked him, and walked off. ""Bulba saur bul saur(Pidgeot, fly me to Celdon City!!)"said Aerow. After about a half hour flight they landed in Celdon. Aerow walked into the 5 story pokemart. He went to floor 4(The gift place right?). "Ok, we'd like a Fire Stone, 2 Thunder Stones, and 2 Water Stones, or is that to hard for you?" said Feathers. "Whatever you say birdy" said the man. Feathers payed, and gave the man a gust for his troubles. Aerow and Feathers went to the central square. Aerow called out Torch(Flareon) and his 5 Eevees. When they saw the element stones they became very happy. "BULBASAUR BULBA!!(Its time to evolve!!)" said Aerow. First Aerow evolved 2 Vaporeons. "BULBA(I name you Neptune and River!)" said Aerow. When he was done he had 2 Flareons(Torch and Brushfire), 2 Jolteons(Thunders and Rumble) and the 2 Vaporeons. "LINE UP!!" said Feathers. The pokemon lined up in 2 rows of 3, Jolteons, then Flareons, then Vaporeons. "MARCH!" , the Eevees marched off, behind Feathers and Aerow. Feathers seemed to be becoming more like a smart-mouthed trainer than a pokemon. TBC? -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own