From: Goola2u <goola2u@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: [PW!] [Island] Rocket Rescue! Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 5:53 PM Shard had been hiding in the desert complex, disguised and cross-dressed, for a while now. And the high heels were killing him. He sat in a corner, stroking Sneakers and waiting for his next move. He saw two Rockets and a Meowth lead past him, and heard the location of the cells given. Sneakers started to arch his back and hiss at the sight of the other Meowth, but a quich scratch behind the ears calmed him down. Stealthily, Shard and Sneakers made their way to the cell block. -- Shard crept up to the cells holding the Rockets. He had overheard that their names were Jessie and James, but that was unimoportant. What was important was that he set his teammates free. "Huh? Who's there?" asked the blue-haired one. "Shh!" whispered Shard, in his normal voice. "I'm here to get you two out!" "Hey!" protested James. "That's MY trick you're using." Shard was about to ask if it really mattered, when a voice came from behind him. "Alright, hold it right there!" TBC... (Okay, whoever's patroling this place, let's see who you are, and if Shard can pull something off.) (And PLEASE leave it open for Shard to pull something off.) Shard Fields, who WILL try to get Jessie and James back to Maria soon enough, much to James's chagrin. :)