From: SimynLocke <simynlocke@aol.comJOEMAMA> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Rocket Rumble Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 6:45 PM The confused trainers collected at a clearing in the woods where the sun was allowed to hit the ground. The events of the past minute were still knocking on Simon's mind to understand what had happened. It seemed out of no where, Trent Retwin materialized and dematerialized a second later. Simon didn't think he was going crazy, for the others had confirmed the same image, and when Sirius's Cubone went to investigate, it was flung backwards quite oddly. "I can't be going crazy....." Simon said. "..........the bastard can't already be here...." "I remember those guys..." said Raven, "They were on the SS Anne with me... That guy! That guy was the James you had been talking about!" As the name registered in the expanse of Simon's paperbag, it initiated a thought process that would be deemed ungood by any judgement day trial. "......James....." Simon whispered under his breath, squinted his eyes and clenched his fists until his veins almost popped. "James is here..." Underneath the bag, Simon's smile grew a little evil, as the words revenge was somehow made apparent in him. Simon's demeanor wasn't as pleasant as it was before, his posture grew more rigid and hard, as he tensed all over. " mine...." Sirius was kneeling on the ground, examining a mortally wounded and rare silver butterfree who had almost fainted. He pulled out a potion, and applied it to the Pokemon, "That other guy.... he's my father's arch rival." Sirius said. Simon turned to the dragon trainer and looked very serious, "Sirius...... that other guy...... is here to kill you." From the woods ran the other two trainers, a very out of breath Gohan was trying to say something. He finally caught himself, and said, "Derrick..... Derrick is gone! We can't find him!" "There's something really screwy going on..." Fox said. The group examined the surrounding woods, hoping that no raving psycho pokemon were on the loose.... Simon couldn't take the silence, his enemies were messing with his mind. "JAMES!!!!" The shout startled the other trainers, and simultaneously each man's heart began to pick up speed. Simon's was the fastest, he motioned for his Pokemon to come to his side to prepare for the unexpected. Out of nowhere, and heard from everywhere a laughing echoed. "Gen gah gah gah! Gengah! Gegah!" "Aww damn.... it's a Gengar." Dern said. The laugh grew louder, and a lot more lunatic, one by one the trainers unleashed their Pokemon. Sirius moved the silver butterfree out of harms way, and sent out his own cubone again. "GEN GAH GEN GAH GEN GAH!" The laugh continued, trying to spook the trainers. Simon waited, for anything to happen, but it just kept going. Until......... "Shut the hell up!" Yelled a familiar voice. "Gen GAH?" "Awwwwww DAMMIT!" Trent Retwin appeared out of know where, he seemed his usual pissed off self. "Awww good. Two birds with one stone." Simon who revealed no emotion through his paperbag yelled back, "Go away Trent, the six of us vs wouldn't stand a chance." "Oh yeah?" Another person appeared, wearing a Rocket uniform and a smirk on his face. Simon knew that smile, belonging to no other than James. "Hello Simon. You're looking rather well." "No thanks to you...." Under his mask, Simon smiled. He awaited this moment for a long time, needing to ease his vengeful soul, by taking James's life. The others remained quiet, Sirius's eyes fixated on Retwin to make sure he wouldn't try anything. "Six on two! Ha!" Raven shouted, beckoning for the other two to come out in the meadow. "No.... James is mine." Simon said, "I need to settle something." The evil that revenge brought out in Simon disturbed Gohan and Fox, but they were prepared to defend themselves. No way were they losing their Pokemon to any Rockets. "Oh crap…" Dern said. "Hey Simon…. You invite more guests to join the party?" Simon kept one eye on James and turned around…….clear across on the other side was another Rocket. She was wearing the typical Rocket Uniform, with a trenchcoat. On her shoulder, she sported the latest in pokemon weaponry, a Prime Grade A Wiggly Launcher, and aimed it directly toward the non Rockets. "Taking Pokemon straight from your pockets, With the power of the stars, its Maria Rocket!" She said coolly. "What the," Fox laughed hoping to show disrespect. Beside her, was another figure, to Simon, it appeared to be her Pokemon, but it started laughing all of a sudden. "Fwahahahahaha!" Simon knew that laugh from the first time, none other than Car'tos. But this Car'tos, was a helluva different than before. He was encased in some sort of respirator, and his skin was all blue. Not only that, he brandished some freakish wings. "From the Skys to the Ground, Car'tos takes your Pokémon, and makes them Ours.". "Awwww crap…" Simon said as he, Raven and Sirius kept an eye on Trent and James, while Gohan, Fox, and Dern kept an eye on the other rockets. Maria, climbed on a nearby bolder, getting a better aim. "Anybody who messes with one Rocket, messes with us all." "Meowth! That's right!" Shouted a meowth. "What the hell is this!" Gohan shouted, "You can't have our Pokemon! Not without a fight!" "Then a fight it shall be!" Her next motion, was the contraction of her finger, as it pulled back the trigger of her launcher. Simon didn't even have to look, he felt James smile behind him as he and the other trainers gazed into the barrel of the launcher. TBC!!! (I hope I didn't mischaracter anybody! And this would be the perfect time for Dreadite and Owens to drop by!) Huzzah! __________________ "Huzzah!" said Simyn Locke, "You don't have to like me, I just tell it how it is, and you tell it how it might be."