From: Otaku67 <> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Rocket Rumble Date: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 2:54 PM > >Sammy the scientist was walking through the forest reading a copy of The >origin >of species when he noticed what looked like a huge rumble between rockets and >ATRs. For a moment he pondered wether he should not get involved for fear the >atrs would learn his rocket identity. Then he decided "Nah". He tackled >tenchi, >nocking him dow but not for long as tenchi gave him a punch to the gut. A >quick >kick to the shins brought sammy down. Polairs, seeing her trainer in trouble >gave tenchi enough of a shock to make him back off and refocus his attention. >Ballbiter and tanky rolled and floated into the middle of the rumble out of >sammys sight and beyond his control. An angered tenchi redirected his >wigglytuff and ninetails at sammy. "Ton?" asked polaris but sammy was already >diving behind a rock. polaris quickly followed him but tenchis ninetails and >wigglytuff were in hot pursuit. Without thinking sammy grabbed the nearest >thing and threw it at tenchi. It happened to be a caterpie. The bug pokemon >hit >tenchi square in the face but that made him much madder. Tenchi shouted out, "Ok guys! get that wimp behind the rock instead!" Jelly bean and snakefish simoltaniously pounded at the magnaton, making it faint. Tenchi got ready to punch the wimp in the face. he lept behind the rock with his fists blazing... TBC [and yeah, i think everyone on the island is.] -otaku67 "dejavu strikes when you least wexpect it. and it packs one helluva punch"