From: Laeophie <laeophie@aol.comikaze> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Rocket Rumble Date: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 6:25 PM >After a few seconds of concentration, she was ready to fire... Trent's Venusaur growled and prepared to hit Reis with Solar Beam. Sirius panicked, not knowing what to do. Venusaur fired the beam and Reis swerved to the left. It was too late. The silhouette of Reis disappeared inside a giant explosion, which sent shock waves through the ground. Sirius held on to a tree to stay on his feet. He grimaced and looked back to see what remained of Reis. Reis, bruised and battered, was fighting the ongoing Solar Beam with her own Hyper Beam. She stopped to brace herself and blasted back stronger than before. As the Solar Beam was being destroyed, Venusaur's vines flailed at Reis. Reis took the beating and blasted Hyper Beam with all the power she had left. Venusaur was hit by the powerful ray and was flipped over backwards. The flower on her back were severely charred. Trent frowned. "Venusaur, return! Sandslash, go." "Sand. Slash sand," muttered Sandslash. "Reis, return! Go Cubone!" "Cubone bone cubone bone bone!" shouted Cubone energetically. He stepped closer to examine his opponent. Sandslash gave a hard slash to Cubone's skull, spinning it around and around. Cubone shook his head. "Cubone, keep your distance! Use Bonemerang!" Cubone jumped backwards, avoiding another slash. Sandslash dug into the ground. "Now!" Cubone shrugged and jumped into Sandslash's tunnel to follow it. The earth shook several times, followed by several loud "Bam" and "Whish" sounds. Only one of them emerged from the tunnel. TBC... You can win if you want, but don't kill off my Cubone. Jimmy Vu See my Pokémon FAQ at Or, just go to