From: JSolano199 <jsolano199@aol.combomeal> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Rocket Rumble Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 5:31 AM (Hm..ignore my version.) >"NO DAMMIT!" The woozy Trent Retwin, got up, and tried pulling a Pokeball >out >but was too late. Spike escaped and dug a hole the hell outta there. "Two can play at that game. Nidoking, Gengar, follow him!" Nidoking dug a hole while Gengar tracked Spike from above. Sandslash was just waking up. "Sandslash, you alright? Your scar's reopened." "Sandslash. Sandslash slash?" "What? He can't possibly be related to you." "Slash..." Sandslash had picked up a feeling that he was fighting his own brother. This distracted him, giving Spike the upper hand. "Well, he's not getting away. I'll have Fearow follow." "Feeeaaaarow!" The way it would work would be that Nidoking would warn Gengar, Gengar would send a telepathic message to Fearow, and Fearow would attack the already weakened Sandslash. Trent pulled the quil from his shoulder and limped towards the building afte Sirius... TBC Jose Luis Solano --------------------------------------- "Damn newbies..." -------------------------------------- Official Member of the AFSH Stupid Brigade ---------------------------------------