From: AznFrenzy <aznfrenzy@aol.complain> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Rocket Rumble Date: Tuesday, April 13, 1999 10:37 PM Raven fingers itched with excitement as if he awaited for some signal for everybody to pull out all there pokemon and begin. His mind was choosing which pokemon he should bring out first automatically. Raven reached for a pokeball that contained his Rhydon and whispered to Simon, "Consider me a ATR." Meanwhile Sneakers was helping Maria choose which target she should fire her Wigglytuff Cannon at. Sneakers almost laughed as he flicked one claw to each of the non-rockets ."" The barrel of Maria's launcher pointed at different targets randomly. "Simon's the ATR leader........." Maria had finally chosen a target and she fired. "WIGGLYYTUFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!" Maria grinned with grim satisfication as the Wigglytuff went straight and true towards its target. Suddenly a flash of black came between Simon and the Wigglytuff. Simon knew it was too late. The Wigglytuff came hurling through the air straight at him. Simon braced himself for the pain and hoped for a quick death. Suddenly someone pushed him headfirst toward the ground. He heard briefly the sickening thud as the Wigglytuff hit flesh and the gurgle that came afterward.... Raven saw Maria began to aim at Simon and without even thinking of the consquences, pushed Simon out of the way. The Wigglytuff looked almost cheated of its intended target. Raven felt something crashed right into his torso. Raven was blasted off his feet and landed a distance away from before. Raven's body was full of pain but it was quick. Maria was saddened and happy at the results at the same time. "Oh well, one down anyways.." She stopped short, Raven's Rhydon who was released before its owner got hit was charging right toward her. TBC.... Raven is not dead although I have to check if someone can survive a full Wigglytuff blast. I'm out of the big brawl. Sorry if I mess up anyone's character or plans.