Subject: Re: [PW!] The Saffron City Rocket Station Date: 2 Apr 1999 07:50:32 GMT From: (MbwunChan) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Sometime in the morning Renee awoke in her room, groggy and with a headache. She frowned when she remembered the previous night, when she and her old friend, David, had gone out to terrorize poor helpless pokemon trainers. Renee frowned because of all the pokemon they had gotten away with, she had only taken a dumb ol' Spearow with her. She sat up in bed, stretching. She said aloud, "I've really got to be a better Rocket." This comment surprised Renee, because only a few weeks ago she had wanted to resign from Team Rocket. A little confused as to her feelings, she got out of bed. **** A little later, freshly showered and dressed, Renee left her room and slowly walked down the hallway towards Nori's room. At the door, Renee softly knocked. When there was no answer, Renee knocked again. When that too issued no response, Renee shrugged and walked past the rooms. Not many people were up yet, so Renee decided to take a breath of fresh air outside. **** As Renee stepped out the doors of the Rocket Station, she winced at the bright sunlight stabbing at her eyes like needles. When her eyes finally adjusted, she looked around in front of her, and gasped. Nori lay on the ground, awake but obviously disturbed. She looked confused, and when she looked at Renee, it looked as if she didn't recognize the Rocket. "NORI!" Renee yelled, running to Nori's side. Picking up the dazed girl, Renee ran back into the Rocket Station, wondering what on earth could have happened to Nori during the night. TBC? ~Yuri, Wandering Monk In Training, na no da (apprentice to Chichiri!) Yudan shitara jigoku iki yo, jama wa sasenaikara. Everyone should watch Fushigi Yuugi! And everyone should praise my fanart! ^_^