Subject: [PW!] [PKMN-Auction] SCANDELOUS THIEF!!! Date: 7 Apr 1999 01:05:27 GMT From: (MTSowbug) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Recently Phoo has obtained a wallet and encountered Icy. After MTSowbug waited 24 hours for an interaction, he continues to write the interaction by himself. MTSowbug is also very gorged on Easter candy, and won't be eating for a few days. By the way, this story takes place in the early evening. Phoo waited for the Pikachu to reply. After a moment, he did. "Hello... I am Icy. You... are the cockroach I met in the alley, aren't you? Stranger things have happened than a talking cockroach, I guess," the Pikachu, obviously named Icy, replied. Phoo thought, "Icy? Icy... where have I heard that before? Ah, yes. It all makes sense. Icy, the human Pikachu that brought up ethical debates a while back. That explains him being a trainer and having that black box, which I assume is an English translator." Phoo found it to be unusual that he would bump into such a well-known figure on his mission. Phoo responded, out loud, "Yes... Icy, I... have heard of you. This... may be unknown to you, but... I have been stalking you recently... trying to learn more about you. I saw you... with Clan Caterpie. Well, I would like to speak with you for a little while, to learn more about..." Just then, a large shadow loomed Icy and Phoo (who was still under Krabby). The shadow touched Phoo, then disappeared off into the distance. Phoo felt a feeling of cold when the shadow touched him. He checked his belt, to see if his pokeballs were still there. All three pokeballs where there... but something didn't feel right. There was a noticeable breeze in the area. Checking to make sure that Krabby was all right, Phoo unleashed Krabby's pokeball. Out popped... nothing!! Phoo then realized that Krabby was on his head. Relaxing a little, Phoo looked up, but realized that Krabby was no longer on top of him, and in Krabby's place, there was a Farfetch'd. "What? That shadow... a rocket, perhaps. He has... gone off with Krabby! Sacrilege! You shall have the wrath of Phoo to face!" Phoo immediately burst into fire, and teleported in what he thought was the direction the shadow went. A slightly disgruntled Farfetch'd fluttered behind. Icy was perplexed. "That... was really unexpected," he muttered. *** Seconds later, an untold distance away *** The shadowy rocket ran off to a fairly well-lit, circular area near the northern borders of Celadon. The ground was concrete, and there were several people bustling around. This area was at the edges of the auction. Settling down to rest, the rocket stuffed duct tape in Krabby's mouth and pincers. But before another instant passed, Phoo burst onto the scene, eyes aflare. "You have done a vast misdeed to my pokemon and myself, rocket. Return Krabby at once, before I smite thee," Phoo said, with incredible volume. "What? This cockroach speaks? The boss has to know about this. Anyway, I just found the Krabby on the ground, next to Icy. I presumed it was his, and I left a Farfetch'd in its place. The boss wants Icy, too. So what are you going to do about it, bug? You wanna pokemon battle?" the rocket spoke, villanously. "Yes," Phoo interjected. "All right, then. All out pokemon battle. No holds. Prepare to be stepped on! Weezing, go!" the rocket proclaimed, boastfully. A small crowd was beginning to form around the area, watching the heinous rocket and the strange, talking cockroach. "You're not getting away with Krabby. Lickitung, time to battle!" Phoo cried out, as Lickitung materialized. Lickitung stepped into the middle of the circular area, which turned out to be a useful battle arena. Lickitung gazed down the Weezing. The rocket proclaimed, "Weezing! Sludge! Cover that Lickitung in grime!" At the rocket's command, the Weezing spewed forth tons of toxic garbage from its mouth, which promptly landed... on the empty ground. Lickitung had quickly darted out of the way, and took no damage. Phoo quickly communicated a psychic thought directly to Lickitung. Nodding its head in understanding, Lickitung started to dance. As he danced, petals started showering the area. The sweet smell of the petals made the Weezing take large quantities of damage, as it wasn't used to pleasantries. In its agony, the Weezing shot forth as much sludge and poisonous fumes as it could. But it was too late, and Weezing fainted. The rocket recalled Weezing. The rocket was shocked, and yelled, "WHAT THE HECK?!?! Well, no matter. Now, for my Muk!" An enormous Muk materialized in front of the rocket. "Muk, Acidic Armor!" The Muk quickly started bubbling in freshly created acid. Lickitung began to build up power. He glowed dull red, and started to become brighter. With a burst of energy, Lickitung shot a gargantuan blast of fire into the Muk. But the Muk regenerated all of its bodily mass that was destroyed in the fiery attack. The rocket laughed, and shouted, "All right, Muk! Use Sludge!" Sludge started to build up in the Muk's hand, and it shot forth towards Lickitung. The toxicity scored a direct hit, and hurt Lickitung pretty badly, who then fell over backwards. Phoo was surprised that the Muk was so powerful, and said, "Lickitung? Are you all right? Use your Aurora... Aurora... Lickitung! Use your Aurora Borealis attack!!!" Lickitung got back up, and started shimmering various colors. Suddenly, an Aurora Beam shot out of Lickitung. Soon, dozens of other brilliant Aurora Beams shot out in every direction. The evening sky became a spectacle of lights. The Muk couldn't stand the bright colors of the Aurora Beams, and cringed in the light. But Muk was not defeated. Phoo was wondering exactly what could destroy the Muk. Aurora Borealis was one of the most powerful things Lickitung could do. Just then, a large, vibrant shadow appeared over Muk. Phoo looked up, and saw the shape of Acropomider coming down in a Hi Jump Kick on the Muk. Acropomider hit the target, and sent Muk flying into the rocket. Muk's momentum shoved both of them off a conviently placed costal cliff in the middle of Celadon. They splashed into the sea. The cries of gulls could be heard. Acropomider dusted himself off, and spoke to Phoo, "How are you? Business was very low after I sold that wooden ball of yours. So I came down here to see what you were doing." Phoo looked surprised, still amazed that Acropomider showed up. "Well, that rocket stole my Krabby, and so I engaged him in a match. Speaking of which... good heavens!!! Where did Krabby go?!?! Krabby!" Phoo shouted, as he started to run towards the cliff. Looking over the edge, he saw the rocket, the Muk, and a large quantity of gulls. Phoo was very worried, and yelled out, "Krabby!!!" At that sound, a small red speck could momentarily be seen in the ocean below. But it disappeared, and Phoo turned away. Phoo sighed, "He must have been shoved off with the rocket..." Acropomider kneeled down to Phoo, and lamented the passing of Krabby. Lickitung came over to them, and was silent next to Phoo. The Farfetch'd at this point had reached them, and was wondering what was wrong. The four of them sat quietly together, as the sun set. *** Meanwhile, same time, about 50 yards off *** A very large crowd of people had gathered around the battle. It was very strange, seeing a cockroach speaking and fighting in a pokemon match. It was also very strange to see a seaside cliff in the middle of the city. Some people that were watching went crazy over the sights, and jumped off the cliff. Others, like lemmings, followed the first people in jumping off the cliff. The rest of the people continued to gawk at the cockroach, Lickitung, Farfetch'd, and man in green cloak. Well, there goes Krabby, never to be seen again. I'm sure Phoo is going to hate rockets from now on. Can someone come cheer Phoo up? Preferably Icy... "They taste salty." - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy. Hey, my character Phoo is the unofficial arch-rival of Random in the PokeWars! (E-mail at