From: Dernguyen <> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Search and/or destroy Date: Friday, April 16, 1999 6:30 PM (we last find Dern going off to find the group and David was last seen being chased by wild angry pokemon) "Hehehehe, I made iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt!!"David shouted as he finally swam across the river, leaving all the rock pokemon behind on the other shore. David's luck leads him nowhere, but as even though he is worn out, he still persisted on completing his mission. His first spot was to search the desert as he thought he saw Dern go there. "Eheheheeh.....I shall conquer and everyone shall obey!!!!!!!!!!!!!" David shouted. The recent events which David had went through, left him alittle crazy and paranoid. He has weird nightmares of pokemon and him becoming "one with them." Each day, David searches for the group and he becomes more and more paranoid. Finally one day, he finds Dern searching through the desert for pokemon. He sneaks in closer to take a look; the days he had spent as a paranoid crazy man left him to adapt his senses even stronger and now he was able to hear things, see things, and smells things normal people couldn't do. By adapting his senses to be even stronger, he was able to sneak up on Dern and surprize him. "Ha, we meet again and this time, you are mines....hahahahahaha!"David laughed wickedly. "Yea, and what are u gonna do to me?"Dern asked. "Mua? I'll show you." David said as he held a spear at Dern's neck. "Whoa, ok I'll give up." Dern replied in fear as his life was in danger. David lead Dern to a nearby cave and David searched through Dern's bag. While he was searching, Dern barely mangaged to ecape from David and go back into the desert. "Huh? Where'd he go?" David asked himself. Suddenly, he heard a sound nearby. The sound was coming from within the cave. Being curious, David went inside deeper and was suprized to find a pack of Scythers jumping toward him. They surrounded him and now he was trapped in the middle. A few seconds later, the Scythers attacked him. David was now being shredded to pieces and probably devoured, or was he? TBC........................... --------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- <-(`-(`v^v-[["Haun Haun!"]]-v^v')-')-> <a href=""> Haunter's HoMePage </a>