From: McMahon Clan <> Subject: [PW!] Shade begins his journey.... Date: Wednesday, April 21, 1999 8:19 AM With Charmer, the reluctant Charmander at his side, Eli Shade approaches the barnyard. His loyal Ponyta (which he nicknamed "Mr. Ed) waits patiently. Shade (which he and his friends call him) quickly saddled up, and rode out to the town. "Make sure you change your underwear," his mother called to him, and Eli heard her. "Mom, come on. You're really embarressing me..." Shade sighed, and pulled a pair of underwear out of his backpack. His mom gave him a thumbs up, and he rode off. While putting the nice fresh pair of underwear back into his bottomless backpack, he hears a slightly catchy tune, and who else but Voko Ono hops onto his head. Oh, so now you're confused? Voko is Shade's musically inclined Meowth. Of course, everyone has their flaws, correct? And Voko's is its terrible singing. "Yestah day, all me troubles were so fah away, but now I tink dat day awe here to stay--" Shade quickly clasps his hand around Voko's big mouth. "Good kitty." Shade says with a smile. "Meowwth. Jeez, someday I'll be more populah dan Jeezus." Voko quotes. "Yeah, I'm sure you will." said Shade. Shade winces, since he's not really an experienced rider...::I wanna by a new bum...:: he thinks.* ------ After a couple minutes of riding, Shade gives up. He sets himself down from Mr. Ed, and walks awkwardly over to Charmer. "You're lucky you don't have to sit on that saddle." He jokes. Charmer looks away, and crosses its arms. "Didn't work?" Charmer shakes its head. "You'll never listen to me, will you?" Charmer shook its head yet again, used a fire blast, of sorts. Shade falls over, burnt to a crisp. Shade takes a mint, and offers it to Charmer. "Icy cool breath?" -------- For a first day, Shade hasn't been doing to well, has he? He's already had his first saddle sore of his journey, Charmer won't listen to him yet, and to top it off, Voko Ono is still a horrible singer. What's next in the future of Shade? Find out in Shade's second PW! How'd I do? Is it really that bad? =( Seán ----- Hey! I'm a Pokémon Trainer! I want to be the best! And when I get to the Elite Four, I'm going to pass that tough test! --My trainer motto Don't go Sniper, don't go! --Me, before he went looney Whatever happened to Jeff? --Me Garfield is no cat! He's a new Pokemon species! --Chris Pyyrus "Missingno.s indeed." --Mr. Satoshi