From: ShadeniteX <> Subject: [PW!][WG][Clan Caterpie] Shadow's story continued(this has the other part also) Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 12:40 PM Shadow's pokemon are: Magneton: Nickname: Thunderknight Level: 42+4=46 Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunderwave, Supersonic Evolve?: Fully Evolved Dragonair: Nickname: Mystic Level: 47 Moves: Hyper Beam, Bubblebeam, Fire Blast, Blizzard Evolve?: Does not want to evolve, and never will Story: Shadow was born in the Power Plant. His parents were killed by Rockets when they were protecting a baby woltorb and a Magneton. That Magneton became Shadow's First pokemon. His parents had come there to try to get a picture of the legendary Zapdos who was supposedly in there. His parents were world famous photographers. They had gotten pictures of Articuno, and part of a Moltres. They got lots of pictures of other rare pokemon such as Dragonite, and a Mew. The Mewtwo was there target after know........ They shared four pokemon. A Raichu, a Cloyster, a Krabby, and a Alakazam. All of the pokemon fled from Team Rocket after the catastrophe. Shadow was lost in the power plant. The Brave Magneton avenged the photographer's death, and Thundered the Rockets. Three fled, and the Magneton had killed one, but Shadow had no regret. Neither did Thunderknight, his Magnetons new nickname. He had deserved it from his brave rebel against Team Rocket. There, in the Power Plant, Shadow and Thunderknight lived for 7 years. Since Shadow had befriended most of the Pokemon in the Power Plant, When he was 8, he had used his Dad's camera, and got a whole roll full of pictures of Zapdos! He didb't exectly know the rarity of the pokemon though. The Zapdos wished to stay in the Power Plant, so he did not agree to a Pokemon battle. 6 more years in the Power Plant, he decided to leave, and was destined to become a great Pokemon trainer. That noght, on his fourteenth birthday, he left the power plant to begin his pokemon journey! On his first battle, there was a technician. His pokemon were a level 29 voltorb, and a level 31 pikachu. First, he sent out pikachu, "GO Pikachu!" "Pikachu, Thunderwave"-technician "Fight through it Thunderknight, Supersonic!"-Shadow -:-Magneton Fights through!-:- "Pikachu, tackle!"-technician -:-Pikachu was confused..........Pikachu fought through confusion-:- "You can do it magneton!Thunderbolt!"-Shadow "OH!Poor Pikachu, Pikachu, use your last strength, Body Slam!"-technician -:-Pikachu was confused......pikachu hurt himself in confusion-:- -----Pikachu Faints----- "Oh NO! Go Voltorb, Voltorb, tackle!-technician -:-Magneton goes first by doing : Thunder -:- -----Voltorb goes down in 1 hit----- "I feel bad for your Voltorb, you should buy it some IRON, here, you can have this iron and these two X Defends, and for your pikachu, a X Special, and a Calcium-:- "OH! THANX!!!!!!!! I'd like you to have this, they're 3 custom pokemonballs. Theyt are a mix of Masterballs, and great balls, I've been working on them, I'm gonna use my time working on training my Pokemon":-technitian Cool, where do you live, I'll dropbye sometime".-Shadow "I live in the Northern most house of Lavender town Please come", C'YA!"-technician "Okay, Im heading to Safari Zone now, I'm lookin' for a Dragonair."-Shadow Technician-"Okay, I hope you really do drop bye, my name is Frost" "Oh, Don't worry, I will, BYE!" To shorten his quest to Fuschia, which is pretty far away, askes nearby citezen, if he can get a ride. He offers 400 yen. The nice citezen agrees to take him, but he only wants 200 yen, so it is cheaper. He really Thanx the person, and insists that he gives the citezen 250 yen atleast. At Fuschia he fights an easy bird trainer. Then he fights a few more trainers, and after all this fighting, Thunderknight gains 4 levels.He then finds the Safari Zone, but before entering, he thinks trhta his Magneton deserves to go to the Pokecenter, because he is Paralyzed, and has 47 life left. After the Pokecenter, he goes to the fishing guru, toi get a great rod, with the great rod, and 2 1/2 days of fishing in the Safari zone....he still hasn't gotten a dragonair, but out of knowhere, it gets really warm, and is snowing, and he remembered listening to pokedex descriptiopn which says that dragonair can change climate conditions, so he senses one, a dragonair agrees to a battle, it is level 47 -:- Magneton goes first, because electric pokemon are a lot faster, thunderbolt! -:-It is weak-:- Dragonair used Slam -:-It misses-:- "Magneton, SUPERSONIC!! Go Customball!!"-shadow <- (--o--) -> 1 <- (--o--) -> 2 <- (--o--),...........Dragonair escaped Dragonair used........HYPER BEAM!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!NO! MAGNETON, U CAN DO IT!-Shadow Magneton has 3 life left, Magneton used thunder! -:-Dragonair is Recharging-:- "!!Go CUSTOMBALL!"Shadow <- (--o--) ->1 <- (--o--) ->2 <- (--o--) ->3 <- (--o--) ->4 "HUH!?"-Shadow <- (--o--) ->5 <- (--o--) ->6 <- (--o--) ->7 <- (--o--) ->8 <- (--o--) ->9 <- (--o--) ->10!!!!! -:-Dragonair was caught!Would you like to name the dragonaIR?-:- "I am going to name you 'Mystic, ok?"-Shadow -:-Mystic nods'yes'-:- "!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!" Shadow brings his pokemon to the pokecenter He uses some tms to teach the pokemon the moves he wants He then continues his fresh pokemon journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!