From: Goola2u <goola2u@aol.comREMOVE> Subject: [PW!] [ISLAND] Shard and/vs Raven: Equilibrium. Date: Thursday, April 15, 1999 6:06 PM After Simon had been locked down, Shard had taken it upon himself to see what he might have to say about ATR. Shard didn't quite catch the babbling about a figurehead, but he did hear something interesting. Raven was ATR. Time to confront the past. Shard left a note for his fellow rockets, "I'm goin' ATR huntin'. However long it may take, I'll bring something back." --- Shard donned his Rocket gear and rushed out of the compound, Lickizooka on his shoulder. "Raven, I will find you. You will turn to the dark side. You will join us, or suffer our wrath. This I vow." TBC... (Raven, you pick up from here, plz.) Shard Fields, who couldn't wait to try this plot twist.