From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.commys4life> Subject: Re: [PW!] Shopping in Celadon (was: [PW!] Now in Saffron...) Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 4:39 PM <snip snip snippity snip> >> Another half-hour passed before a young girl came storming into the >> Pokemon Center swearing like a kid from South Park. It was when one of >> those epithets included a Lickitung that Damian and Sarah Jane took >> notice. The two met in the middle of the room. >> >> "Do you think she ran into Nori?" Damian shot to Sarah Jane. "How many >> other people actually have a Lickitung? It seems like a very good >> possibility that that girl ran into Nori. However, we won't know for >> sure unless we ask her." Sarah Jane started to walk over to the girl >> with Damian following. >> >> At Nurse Joy's insistence the girl stopped wearing, but she still looked >> extremely upset. As Sarah Jane walked up behind the girl she ventured >> "Excuse me, but-" >> >> "What ?!" the young girl snapped at Sarah Jane as she turned to face >> her. Sarah Jane continued unruffled, however "I overheard you say >> something about a Lickitung, I take it you were beaten by someone using >> one?" >> >> "Yeah, but she cheated. There's no way her Lickitung could've beaten >my >> Dewgong after how easily I beat her the last time. And to top it off >> she stole my Porygon! That little &#$%!!!" After that the girl trailed >> off into a string of expletives. >> >> "Yeah, that sounds li--" Damian was cut off as Sarah Jane yanked him >> aside. "I think it would be best if we didn't tell her Nori's name. >It >> would probably end up in more trouble than it's worth." >> >> "So what do we do if she asks us if we know Nori?" Damian shot back. >> Sarah Jane paused and thought cooperative response." Damian nodded his response and they walked back >> over to the girl, who in the meantime had calmed a little and had >> started to eye the pair with suspicion. >> >> "Did you happen to catch the name of the Lickitung?" Sarah Jane >> questioned the young girl. She started in "Yeah, it was something >> stupid like Hakuna, or Akuma, or" Damian leapt in with "Akuni?" >> >> The suspicion crept from the girl's eye into her voice "Yeah, that was >> it. How did you know?" Sarah Jane quickly made the save "She did the >> same thing to us. We're amazed to have come so near to encountering her >> again. Did you see where she went?" >> >> The suspicion slowly drained from the girl and she shook her head "No, >> after she took my Porygon she used it to take off. I wasn't able to >> keep track of where they went." >> >> "Thanks for your help. We're going to get going now, but hopefully one >> of us will be able to catch up with that thief one day." Sarah Jane >> waved as she and Damian walked away from the girl and out of the >> building, collecting their pokemon in the process. >> >> "You don't think Nori will come back here, do you?" Sarah Jane shook >> her head in response to Damian's question. "Both she and Jon knew that >> were going to head to Celadon City. In fact, she was the first one to >> suggest it, so we stand the best chance of meeting up with them there. >> In addition, it's only a few hours walk from here to get there. We >> should make it by nightfall." >> >> Damian hefted his backpack onto his shoulders and noted "It looks like >a >> good day for a hike. Let's get going." >> >> As Sarah Jane had predicted, they reached Celadon just as night began >to >> fall. The large glass and steel buildings were painted in a full >> palette of colors by the jealously competing lights. The tops of the >> building were bathed in orange from the sun. The orange dripped into >a >> harsh pink from the sun's indirect light. Below that the faces of the >> buildings carried a cold purple hue from caught without the warm rays >of >> the sun and sharp lights from the streets below. The bottom of the >> canvases that these great buildings presented swam in golden hues >> speckled with white where the street lights shone directly on them. >> >> Competing for attention amongst these awesome sights were the many shops >> of Celadon, including the largest Pokemart in existence where a trainer >> could get anything they needed to train their pokemon save for skill and >> a little bit of luck. > >"It's getting late," said Sarah Jane. Cuddles and Spunky both yawned. >"We >better get a room for the night." The group went to the Pokemon Center >in >search of the dorms. <WARNING! CROSS-POST AHEAD!> Jon ran out of the hospital, straight to the Pokemon Center. He ran in and tossed his Pokeballs to Nurse Joy. He then sat down and began to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles. Just as it went to a commercial, the Center door opened, and in straggled Sarah Jane and Damian. Jon stood up, and ran to his friends. "Sarah Jane! Damian! I'm here! It's Ok!" He went over the events of the day, including the battle. Damian recounted the story of the stolen Porygon, and Sarah Jane explained her Machop. "So, you're sure your dad's OK?" asked Sarah Jane. "Yeah, the win boosted his spirits. <YAWN!> Anyone up for some sleep?" NS: I will be gone till Saturday... -------------------------------------------------------- Sig v. 1.4 Deathclock says I die on June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see an official Pokewars websites at