From: Dryad48 <> Subject: [PW!][ISLAND] Showdown at the Lake Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 11:08 AM Derrick dashed to the lake as fast as he could so the little boy wouldn't take credit for his pictures. When he got to the lake he immediatly saw David trying to sneak some pictures out of the backpack of an unsuspecting fisherman. "Hold it right there!" Derrick shouted. "Huh?" David said. "You heard me, where's my pictures!" Derrick started to take out his pokeballs. "Hehehehehe. You think you can beat me in a pokemon battle? Hehehehehehehehe!" "Thats right! Three on three!" "You have no idea how good I am at this! Go Charizard!" "Cloyster!" "Charizard," the boy said, "use your Flamethrower attack!" "Ok, Cloyster use..." Cloyster once again disobeyed Derrick and Withdrew into its shell. the flames just barraged off. "Charizard, Fury Swipes!" Charizard closed in on Cloyster and slashed at it continuously. Not making a dent, Charizard angrily went on a Rage. Cloyster then opened up quickly and Ice Beamed Charizard, freezing it. "Enough Cloyster! Stop!" But Cloyster didn't listen, it Clamped onto Charizard's and tried to crush it. Derrick's Paras put Cloyster to sleep with its Spore attack. They both returned their pokemon. "Your pokemon don't play fair," David said. "But I will win this time! I choose Gengar!" "Then I choose, Arbok. Use your Glare attack. Derrick was now confident that he would win; perhaps he was too confident. "Gengar, you know what to do!" "Gengar," Gengar nodded. It counter acted Arbok's Glare with Hypnosis, putting Arbok to sleep. "Excellent!" David cheered and sneered. Gengar then ate Arbok's dream, knocking her out. "Hahahah! Another victory for David!" "Not yet, I still have one more pokemon up my sleeve." "You can't win! Not against Alakazam!" "Hmmm." Derrick winked at Paras and it walked away into the forest. "I choose, Beedril! Beedril, use Agility." "Hehehehe! This match is already won!" "Alakazam!" David's pokemon was laughing also. "Twin Needle!" "Psychic!" Beedril was too fast for Alakazam and because of of Alakazam's pitiful defense. He got knocked out on the first hit. "Hahaha. Now, give me back my pictures." "Wait have you forgoten about Gengar?" David said as he brought it out once again. "These pictures are as well as mine!" David shook his backpack and found it was empty. "What!" "Paras!" Paras laughed as he brought Derrick pictures back to him. "So long!" Derrick laughed. He had finally reached the lake complex. "Hurry up boy, the plane will leave soon!" "Wait," Derrick said to the counter man, "I need to exchange my pics for my pokemon now." "Great! Gimme!" the man took the pics and examined them. "These are good! What do you want for them?" "Venonat!" "Done!" The man tossed a pokeball to Derrick. "I got Venonat!" Derrick shouted happily. "I'll just switch it with Cloyster." Derrick replaced Cloyster on his team with Venonat. And headed to the planes. To Be Continued Mark Jew