From: Laeophie <laeophie@aol.comikaze> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND] Simon goes Nuts! Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 10:10 PM Sirius was walking with Simon, Gohan, Fox, Derrick, Dern, and Raven. He looked up into the sky to see a few Pidgeys. "We must be getting near the forest," he said. A silver Butterfree stumbled out of a bush. "Reeee, reeeee!" it moaned. Its wing as slightly torn and it had a cut on its abdomen. "Hey, look at this!" Derrick whipped out a camera and took a picture. "It's hurt badly. You have the medical kit, right Sirius? You better help it." Sirius took out some supplies. He administered some medicine and bandaged the wounds. The Silver Butterfree nodded in thanks and weakly flew away. "I wonder what could have done that..." TBC... Setting up a story for after the brawl. Jimmy Vu See my Pokémon FAQ at Or, just go to