Subject: Re: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] Sirius challenges Giovanni Date: 5 Apr 1999 20:19:41 GMT From: laeophie@aol.comikaze (Laeophie) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: "Go, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Dugtrio," said Giovanni quietly. "Gyarados, Seadra, Aerodactyl, go!" shouted Sirius. "Gyarados, hit 'em with your Ice Beam!" "Dugtrio, use dig. Nidoqueen and Nidoking, attack!" Dugtrio dug into the ground, cracking the concrete. Gyarados opened its mouth and shot out the beam of ice. Nidoking dodged just in time and rushed at Gyarados. It was distracted by Nidoqueen, who was rushing Gyarados from behind. "Aerodactyl, attack Nidoking!" "AEEEERRROOOOOO!" Aerodactyl swooped down and caught Nidoking in its claws. Aerodactyl used all of its strength to lift Nidoking higher and higher while he was struggling to escape. Aerodactyl let go of Nidoking. He hit the ground, in shock. Seadra finished him off with a blast of water. "Nidoking, return! Nidoqueen, Fury Swipes!" Nidoqueen, still behind Gyarados, lunged at it. "Seadra, hydro pump! Hit Nidoqueen!" Seadra held its breath. Dugtrio suddenly hit it from underneath, making her fall down. Dugtrio retreated to underground. Seadra got up and angrily put her head to the hole. Seadra flooded the ground with Hydro Pump. The cracks in the concrete overflowed with water. Sirius suddenly felt a headache coming on. His brain slowly pounded more and more painfully. Waves of searing pain ripped across his mind. He winced. When he opened his eyes, he only saw faint blurs of brown and blue. "Help..." he gasped as he fell to the ground. TBC... Jimmy Vu