From: Sir Maximus <> Subject: [PW!]Skag Saga Day...5, I think. I'm not sure Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 7:39 PM Pewter grew smaller and smaller as Skag walked down the lonely road towards Cerulean City, home of Misty and many water pokemon. Although the area is supposed to be filled with wild pokemon, there wasn't a single on in sight. "You're not lying to me, are you?" Skag asked the pokedex. "About what??" "About pokemon being hunted to extiction, tell me the truth!" "I AM! They're out there somewhere! At least, last time I knew.." "You mean there might not be any wild pokemon left?" "LOOK! FOR THE SEVENTH TIME TODAY, THERE...ARE....PLENTY... OF....WILD....PO- There's one now, jackass!" The pokedex lit up as a lone pidgey waddled out of the bushes. "I don't want a wimpy pidgey!! Ash got a pidgeotto, why can't I??" "You think Ash made it to the pokemon league using skill and superior pokemon??" Skag was about to answer, but the pokedex interrupted, "NO! He got damned lucky!!! So grab that pidgey while you can!!" "okay! okay!.. GOOOO KRAPPY!" Skag threw the pokeball out, but because of a miscalculation on his part, it hit the pidgey. Krappy got out of the pokeball at about the same time as the pidgey fainted. He looked at the prone pidgey, looked at Skag, and gave a "What's the point of calling me out??" kind of look. Skag took no notice and dropped the pokeball onto the pidgey, the capture was a piece of cake. "Way to go, that was the most pathetic example of pokemon catching that I've ever seen!" "Whatever..." Skag called the krabby back, and grabbed the pokeball with his new pidgey in it. Two hours later, Skag was still walking. There wasn't a city, pokemon, or person in sight. The pokedex began to complain, "Either you're lost, or EVERYBODY is trying to avoid you." "Relax, trips take time. I may have to go for another post or two in order to make it realistic!" "Say what?" "Nevermind...." Skag sighed and looked towards the sky. "What are the Cerulean trainers like?" "Tough cookies... they'll hit you with at least a gyarados, 5 seakings, and a kingler...." "REALLY?" "No... I just like saying 'gyarados'.. Truthfully, they stopped battling for a while. But then Misty came back. I know what you're thinking, and you don't have a chance with ANY of them." "Darn...hey, what's that??" Lo and behold, Cerulean City's skyline appeared above the trees. It was getting dark, though. "No sh*t, sherlock! Pitch the tent already!" Within minutes, Skag had pitched the tent and unrolled his sleeping bag. Skag closed the tent to make sure he wouldn't wake up sleeping with sandshrews or something, and then he fell asleep. Next: Cerulean, shmerulean! -- My PW Characters (so far) FORTRUS MAXIMUS -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own