Subject: [PW!][PKMN-AUCTION] Slick gets Some Pokemon Date: 6 Apr 1999 02:02:26 GMT From: (LilTommy25) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Slick walked into the crowded room looking at the auctioneer awaiting the next pokèmon to be auctioned to be announced. The room was filled with trainer from all over. But Giovanni was nowhere in site. "Next Pokèmon up for auction A Squirtle starting at 400$" the Auctioneer called out"anyone for this Squirtle." Slick called out "I'll take 400$" "500" a man in the back of the room called ''550$'' "600$" Slick realy wanted a Squirtle to start his team up so he screamed out"750$' '"750 going once going twice Sold to the kid in the back"the Auctioneer called Slick ran up to the table to get his first pokemon, the lady at the booth handed him Squirtle's Pokeball and Squirtle and asked if he would like to give it a nick name he said yes "Squirt" and walked away with his new Pokemon. He went to his Pokedex for information on his new Squirtle. Th Pokedex read: #07 Squirtle nickname Squirt Lvl.15 Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble and Water gun "Next Pokèmon up for auction an Eevee starting at 200$" "200'' Slick said thinking to himself this is a bargain "250" "300" "350" "650" Slick yelled determined to win this Pokèmon "650 going once going twice sold to the Squirtle kid" Running up to get his new Pokèmon he tripped over a large man's foot he turned around and his eyes filled with hatred as he looked at Giovanni. "Scram runt you are in my way" Giovanni said walking away Slick wanted to hit him but knew he would get in trouble with security. Slick went on to get his Eevee. The woman at the counter asked the same question would you like to give aa nick name to your Eevee he said no taking the Pokeball Slick took a look at the Pokedex entry for his Eevee: #33 Eevee Lvl. 28 Moves: Tackle, Sand attack, Quick Attack Suddenly the other man bidding on the Eevee rushed up to Slick and challenged him for the Eevee. If the man won Slick lost Eevee if the man lost Slick would win his Charmander.Slick accepted the challenge it was a 1on1 match. The trainer yelled Charmander Attack Slick called out Squirt. TBC This Is my first PW so tell me of anything wrong or any problems