From: Vulpix5746 <vulpix5746@aol.commys4life> Subject: Re: [PW!][ISLAND]Solitary Confinement or "Where the hell is everybody?" Date: Saturday, April 24, 1999 12:53 PM >During all the chaos and confusion happening in Pokemon Island, people came >and >left. Most of the guests who had gotten in legally or illegally had already >left except for a few. >He was one of the few. During the chaos and confusion, everybody forgot >about >Raven. > >He had been there for days and weeks inside one of the complex's cell rooms. >Light was already gone for days in the cell . After the Rockets took Simon >away >some days ago Raven had tried numerous ways to get out. The door was burned, >sliced, bumped, and even licked by either Raven or his pokemon that he still >had left. The door hardly moved. > >One time, Raven sent out his Haunter who supposedly can pass through walls. > >Raven spent couple of hours figuring how a Haunter can get stuck inside > a >wall. > >After finally getting his Haunter unstuck, Raven became a little delirious >and >shouted to no one in particular most of the night. > >Raven woke up that next day and was hungry. Luckily he had found some dried >jerky meat, some hard bread, and couple bottles of water from a emergency >earthquake survival kit. Raven couldn't taste most of the food but it was >longlasting. > >For light, Raven's Charmander's tail acted as a candle and for excretion >purposes there was always a bucket or two somewhere in the room. > >For days, Raven had been pacing around the room or in a corner waiting for >someone to finally get him. He only stopped thinking at the occasional charge >with his pokemon on the locked door. Raven's mind had words and images >fixed >into his mind, "....must...get...out....Rockets.....ATR.....Wigglytuff....." >His pokemon looked strangely at their master as if he was another person. > > >As time passed by, Raven still had not gotten out. He had sent out his Haunter >again, and after a couple more times of getting stuck in the walls, the >Haunter >was able to reach the hallway outside. Maybe it could reach someone in time. >But for now he could only wait...... NS: Hey, Raven! Don't mind if I save you, do you? NS: I'm coming off my own thread, Island: DOES ANYONE CARE? or something like that. In it, Drew is at the complex and a chopper is coming in fast... /NS: MEANWHILE: Drew was at the desert complex, staring down a Team Rocket helicopter. He planned to jump aboard it, to try to find Simon. Just as he was about to throw Gyarados' Pokeball, a force lifted him from his feet and pulled him away. This force set him back down behind his hiding dune and started talking to him. "Haunt... haunt...haunt haunt haunt!" It materialized as a Haunter. Drew pulled out his Pokedex. "Haunter. This one belongs to trainer Raven!" Drew looked at it. "OK... so, you want me to help you or something?" "Haunter!" <Yes! Idiot...> "OK... then Raven, whoever he is, must be in trouble." "Haunter!" <Sheesh...> "Fine! Then fly me to wherever he is!" The Haunter picked Drew up again and brought him back to the original complex. It set Drew down, then brought him through a bunch of hallways, to a cell block. It pointed. "HELLO! ANYONE HOME?!" Inside, Raven jumped up. He scratched out a sound, "Me! Raven." "OK... this is Drew of ATR... hang on a sec and I'll have you out of there!" Drew called out Farfetch'd, quite a tired duck. "Farfetch'd, slash off that lock with a slash!" The duck whacked off the bolt with its leek. Drew hastily pulled open the door, only to see an undernourished Raven and his Pokemon. "My god... Have some food!" Drew pulled out his backpack. He found a few sandwiches and a thermos, and a little Pokechow. Soon, everyone was fattening up. TBC>.. -------------------------------------------------------- Sig v. 1.2 Deathclock says I die on June 23, 2059. AGNP welcome person <remove SPAMu2Q to reply> ICQ Me: 32262691 see an official Pokewars websites at