From: MTSowbug <> Subject: Re: [PW!] [Clan Caterpie] Spectrum Way Date: Friday, April 30, 1999 6:39 AM IcyPikachu wrote in message <7gbvri$m9b$>... > >MTSowbug <> wrote in message >news:7gb3tc$922$ >> IcyPikachu wrote in message <7gb2ir$d38$>... >> >MTSowbug <> wrote in message >> >news:7gau7v$spl$ >> ><SNIP-SNIP> >> >> Phoo snuck up behind Icy when he was somewhat seperated from the >rest >> >of >> >> the group. Phoo reached out, and tapped him with his claw. Icy turned >> >> around slowly, then noticed Phoo. Of course, being surprised to see a >> >giant >> >> cockroach behind him, Icy gasped. Phoo took a deep breath, and spoke >> >aloud, >> >> "Greetings, Icy. Remember... me? Phoo? We met several times in... >> >umm... >> >> ah, yes. Celadon. I'm back." >> > >> > "Phoo huh... Hello. What brings you to Lavender Town. Are you >> getting >> >your Pokemon renamed too?" Icy asked. >> > >> >> Phoo was a little disturbed at the prospect. "Hmm? They... allow you >> to merely change a pokemon's name down here? Hmm... that is different. >Not >> naming out of incredible respect or honor? A simple name changer? Hmm... >> ... ... ah well. No... I am not here to change... my fellows' names," >Phoo >> said aloud. >> > > "Ok. Well then," Icy stopped mid-sentance. He had never formally >introduced the others. "I'm sorry, Phoo, this is InsaneLlama, and he is >Tauras. Team Rocket had just stolen two of his pokemon, you better be >careful around here. They are actually getting good..." > Phoo blinked, and stared at the thought. "Team... Rocket... rockets... ..." Phoo thought, to himself. Trying to pull away from that horrible memory, Phoo attempted to change the subject. Aloud, he spoke, "Ah... hmm... Tauras... I don't remember him. But all is... well, as they may say. You may or may not know why I am here..." Phoo gathered up his thoughts, and determined what to say. "What... you may find important now... is that I... well... hmm... have important matters. In retrospect... yes... ... yes. I am sure, now. Due to... hmm... important matters... ... ... I need to travel with you." Phoo gasped momentarily, exhausted at speaking so many words audibly. Your turn, Icy. "They taste salty" - Cassidy Wright No, my name isn't Cassidy! A wok is a Chinese cooking device oftentimes used to make stirfries.