Subject: Re: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] Stealing and Falling Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 22:11:10 -0400 From: "J.Howard Kuehn" <> Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services Newsgroups: After leaving the main auction section, James wandered into the massive building holding the Porygon demonstration. Walking around, he saw Porygons that could hold pokÚballs, collect pokÚdex information, and even one that could talk. All of those James took some notice too, but then he stared in amazement at Porygon in a glass case in the center of the demonstartion. The scientist next to it was showing the bystanders the many features it has, including a screen so it can actually be used as a computer. The Porygon itself had a diamond surface, unbreakable. It seemed annoyed to be on display, just staring into the crowd. "That has my name all over it" he said to Psycho <<Your seriously gonna steal it>> Before he could answer, he climbed onto a table and leapt over the crowd, crashing into the glass case. Limping, he grabed the Porygon and ran, right out the window to the street below.... TBC... -James