Subject: [PW] Tenchi vs. Giovanni Date: 9 Apr 1999 03:34:42 GMT From: (Primus1716) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Tenchi wandered around the auction, looking for blazer, his ninetails. He called his name, but to no avail. Suddenly, a TR member, pulled him over. "Hey kid, if yer lokin for yer pokemon, Giovannis got 'em. Go to the celedon game center, and yo'se u'll get ur pokemon back." Tenchi ran off to celedon game center, and practicly flew into the building. He knew there was a secret switch behind the poster, so he flicked it, and pickpocketed a rocket member and got an elevator key. When he got to the top floor, Tenchi used sleeping powder to knock out the two guards. He then kicked down the door, and confrunted Giovanni. "Giovanni! let my pokemon go now!" "Ahh, i see you have arived, mr. inverse. Welcome." Giovani stepped aside, and Tenchi saw blazer, very beat up, and locked in a cage, his paws bloody from trying to escape the cage. Tenchi almost ran to help him, but knew giovanni would not let him get far. "Ok, mr. inverse, here are the rules. Two pokemon each. you win, you get your pathetic pokemon back. but if i win...," Giovanni pulled out a gun. Tenchi did not need to ask what would happen if he lost. "OK, starbright, go!" "Nidoking, dont fail me!" The two poison pokemon circled each other, both trying to knock each other out. Starbright did a body slam to Giovanni's nidoking, and ripped one of its spikes off its back. The Nidoking squeled in pain, but returned the favor with a seismic toss. But Starbright was too well trained to fall down. He slashed the weaker pokemon, and continued a visious assult of slashes and body slams. Giovanni's Nidoking finally fainted, bloody, with broken spikes, and a bloodied face. Giovanni seethed with rage, and he shot with nodoking with a gun. "You monster! you kill your own pokemon just because they lose?" "Do not be absued. It is mearly stunned. A leson, to teach it not to fail me again. Now, then, choose your next pokemon." Tenchi thought for a second. He could ethier have starbright atempt to fight whatever giovanni was going to throw out, or, he could take his chances with Snakefish. He decied to take his chances with snakefish. Tenchi took out Starbrights pokeball. "Starbright, return. Go, snakefish!" "Hmm, a dragonair. how amusing. Go, ryhorn." "RYHORN!" "DRAGONAIR!" Dragonair Sang to the Rydon, putting it to sleep. "Thats imposible! Dragonairs cant sing!" Tenchi mearly smirked. "special training. Ok, now Snakefish, pound it!" Snakefish pounded on the rydon, and it soon fainted. "Snakefish, return" "This is imposible. a mere child like you, defeating a master like me." "uh huh. My pokemon please, and while your at it, an earthbadge." Giovanni opened the cage, and Blazer lept at tenchi, hugging him happily. Giovanni looked disqusted by the whole scene. He then tossed Tenchi an earthbadge. Giovani then took ahold of his gun, and aimed at Tenchi. Tenchi narrowly avoided the bullet. "What the F**K are you doing? i beat you!" "You cannot be allowed to live, you know to much. Goodbye, mr. Inverse." At the last second, Tenchi tossed a smoke pellet into the gun, jamming it. Giovanni pulled the trigger, withouht realizing the pellet was there. The gun exploded, taking a peice of giovanni's hand with it. Tenchi scooped up Blazer, and jumped out the window, landing on his feet. He then rushed to the ceter to have his pokemon healed. Tenchi walked over to a couch and fell down on it, falling into a deep sleep. When he awoke, Tenchi found a pokeball next to him. He relased the pokemon from it, to find a dead magikarp, with a note attached to it, written in blood. The note read "This is not over..." TBC... -primus the otaku warrior "Dejavu strikes when you least expect it. and it packs one helluva punch."