Subject: [PW!] The Aftermath Date: 9 Apr 1999 16:27:13 GMT From: yoda325344@aol.comAntiSpam (Yoda325344) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: Note: Look at the below synopsis for what happened, because I took a short leave from PW! writing. Last post: Fox's [PW!] "Fox battles Misty!" << Shortly after Fox earned the Cascade Badge from Misty, the S.S. Anne sank. Luckily, Fox and Gohan were airlifted away to safety. Now, the duo resides in Vermillion City. There, Gohan seeks to find his next badge! >> They sat idly in the Pokémon Center, relaxing on the couch of the Vermillion City. Gohan yawned. "Fox, a lot as happened since we left home, ne?" Fox stirred. "Yep. We only got one badge each, and already stolen from the Rocket Game Corner, and we've been on the largest Pokémon convention in the world. And it sank. Yeah, a lot has happened, I would say." Meanwhile, Growlithe playfully ran about chasing Sandshrew around the Pokémon center. Nurse Joy could no longer stand the constant "GROWL!"'s and "SHHREEEW!"'s echoing in the Pokémon Center any longer. She walked over to the two sitting half-asleep on the couch. "Excuse me, you two. Are these two Pokémon yours?" She has holding Sandshrew and gripping Growlithe by the collar. Gohan awoke. "Hmm? Oh, yeah, sorry, Nurse Joy. We're just bit bored right now." "Well have you challenged Lt. Surge for the Thunderbadge yet?" His eyes widened. "Why, no, I haven't..." "I suggest you do. And take those two with you." She pointed to Growlithe and Sandshew, and they oblingly got recalled back into their Pokéballs. Gohan prodded Fox, and he got up and stretched. "What now?" "We're going to get our second badges. Well, at least I am." With that, the two trainers casually walked out the door, seeking their next challenge. TBC...of course! NEXT TIME: Gohan battles Surge! (and so does Fox. =b) -- Yoda < > < ICQ: 31178519 > "Very good, young grasshopper." "That...was really disturbing." "Let's Turn Up The Heat!" "Macs Rule, period. What else is there to say?" <> <>