From: Kirb9701 <> Subject: [PW!] The Battle in Cerulean City Date: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 7:12 PM Dan finally arrived in Cerulean City. It was a long run from Mt. Moon, so he decided to rest for a while before continuing. He walked into the Pokémon Center to sit down and heal his Pokémon from the Mt. Moon battle. "You look worn out!" Nurse Joy said. "I came here all the way from Mt. Moon," Dan said. "I got into a battle with Team Rocket there and need my Pokémon healed." Dan gave Joy his Pokémon and sat down. - "Well, your Pokémon are all better," Joy said. "Thank you," Dan said as Joy gave the Pokémon back. Dan ran out of the Pokécenter in a hurry. "I haven't been here in a long time," Dan said, standing at the gates of the Cerulean City gym. The memories of his badge-collecting journey came flooding back as he walked through the door. "Who's there?" a familiar voice asked as Dan walked into the gym. "Are you here to challenge me?" "Well, yes. But not for a badge...I got one of those years ago," Dan said, walking to the large pool in the center of the gym. "Hey, I know you," Misty said. "You were here a few years ago. That Bulbasaur of yours wiped me out." "Bulbasaur?" Dan said. "Ah...I remember now, he was a Bulbasaur then. He's a Venusaur now." "Wow," Misty said. "You must have gone a long way! Did you make it to the Pokémon League?" "Yes," Dan said. "But that was a long time ago..." Dan trailed off, remembering his exciting journey once more. "So what did you come here for?" Misty asked, snapping Dan out of his trance. "Err...I thought I'd come here for a Pokémon battle," Dan said. "Okay," Misty said. "I haven't had many challengers around here lately." - "2 vs. 2 match!" Misty shouted. "Go, Staryu!" "Okay!" Dan said. "Go, Pidgeot!" "Staryu, Tackle!" Staryu flew out of the water, hitting Pidgeot and almost knocking him into the water. "Oh, no!" Dan said. Staryu attacked again. "Pidgeot, counter with Wing Attack!" Pidgeot slapped Staryu with his wing, blocking the attack. "Now Sky Attack!" Pidgeot began glowing. "What?" Misty said. In a flash, Pidgeot flew up in the air and dived right at Staryu, causing it to faint. "Staryu return!" said Misty. "Go, Starmie!" "Pidgeot, return! Go Vaporeon!" "Starmie, Water Gun!" "Vaporeon, dodge and Acid Armor!" Vaporeon jumped into the pool, avoiding the blast of water. He then seemed to melt into the water. "Huh? Where'd he go?" Misty asked. "Vaporeon, Bite from behind!" Dan shouted. Vaporeon leaped out of the water behind Starmie and bit. "Starmie, Hydro Pump!" Starmie seemed to be doing nothing, but then a huge blast of water came from beneath Vaporeon, slamming him into the ceiling. "Now Swift!" Starmie shot small stars at Vaporeon, none missing, weakening Vaporeon even more. "Ahh...we have one more chance. Vaporeon, Ice Beam now!" Vaporeon, in his much weakened state, jumped out of the water and shot an energy beam at Starmie, freezing him. "Wow," Misty said. "That's a great Pokémon. I wish I had one of those." "Well, it's not looking so great now," Dan said. "It needs to get to the Pokémon Center right away." "Oh," Misty said. "I'll see you later then." Dan ran out the door with Vaporeon. As Dan ran out, something lurked in the bushes outside, watching... - Dan walked out of the Pokémon Center, putting Vaporeon's Pokéball back on his Poké-belt. Walking down the sidewalk, he heard something behind him. As he turned around, he saw a bone flying right at him! CLONK! Dan fell to the ground, knocked out by the bone. "Good job Marowak," a Rocket said, standing over Dan. "Heh, heh, heh..." TBC... "To protect the world from devastation!" -Misty "To ignite all peoples within our nation!"... -Duplica "If you're going to imitate us at least do it right!" "To UNITE all peoples within our nation, not IGNITE!.." -TR -"Ditto's Mysterious Mansion"