From: AzNPiKaPi <> Subject: [PW!][Island] The Begining Date: Monday, April 12, 1999 10:43 AM Wind walked over to a series of helicopters the night the auction ended. She stepped over discarded coke bottles and trash. Celadon City had a lot of cleaning up to do. Most of the trainers had already left, a few were still roaming around to win badges. Some men started to walk toward her with metal detectors but she flashed her invitation and shoved them aside quickly and stepped on. The guards probably weren't use to someone who know what they were doing. She looked out the window and saw them grab a trainer and search them thoroughly before shoving them into the helicopter with her. Wind tightened her trenchcoat a bit. She couldn't let anyone see her pokeballs or weapons until she reached the island. Several other Rockets came in and sat with her while some trainers sat in front nervous. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to her disturbed dreams. ++++++++++++++++++ "You failure!" "Foolish child!" "Witch!" A little girl sits the corner of a burning room crying mama as she heard these words. She sees a wood beam crashing down on two people and one about to crash on her, when she was grabbed by a hand. The house then melted into a fine promenade on a vessel and she become the young woman she is in a black dress. She was holding the hand of a guy named Jack who bowed and let her to dance. He looked into her eyes and bent down to kiss her when a he was grabbed by a masked man in a dark alleyway. Wind ran to stop him the ground opened beneath her and swallowed her. She tried using her psychics to stop it but it just made her sink faster... ++++++++++++ Wind woke up with a cold sweat. The other trainers were still sleeping. She looked outside at a beautiful island. The adventure was about to begin. She falls apart, no one there Hold her hand, it seems to disappear Falls apart, might as well Day is long and nothing is wasted Runaway Runaway, Want to hold you but your going away- Sugar Ray (my sig needed a change)