Subject: [PW!][PKMN-Auction] The Cloverwood Ranch Booth Date: 06 Apr 1999 22:22:38 GMT From: (TheRunt411) Organization: AOL Newsgroups: (For your convenience, a summary of this episode appears at the bottom) Since we last left him, Runt has wandered about and accomplished little. Though, a couple people commented on Rolly. One individual even made light of his speech impediment. As we rejoin him, he is talking with his parents at their booth. "So, How's everything goin' at the ranch?" asks Runt "Oh fine son. Business has been goin' well, Drama is pregnant - should give birth in a month or so. Good thing, since we're out of pups from the last litter," said his father. "Yah, Uncle Joe told me that you were auctioning off an albino pup?" "Yes, she's the last of Saphire's litter - we thought we might as well save her for the auction." his mom replied. "Which reminds me, how's Tiny doing?" she asks, handing a pamphlet to a young lady that approached the booth. "Oh, he's fine. He hasn't had any problems since he evolved...Well, I guess I'll be going now." "Wait..." said his mom, "Here, I fixed you a fresh batch of my strawberry lemonade." she says, handing him a fresh port-a-pitcher. "Thanks," Runt replies, switching it for the one on Rolly's back. "See you later." Runt and Rolly walk off to find something to buy, and maybe, find somebody to talk to... <To Be Continued...> Summary: Runt visits his folks at their booth. _______________________________________________________________________ "Slow and steady wins the race."