From: <> Subject: [PW!]The easy way.... Date: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 2:33 PM "Here we are, Professor Oaks Laboratory!" said Crendle. Tox knocked on the door. After a few minutes Professor Oak came to the door. "Ah, hello Crendle, and who is this?" asked Oak. "This is Tox, he just started his journey to become a Pokemon Master! Mabie you could give him a pokemon to help him?" replied Crendle. "Charbok!" said Kobra. "Can Kobra come in?" asked Tox. "Sure, I have the perfect pokemon for you!" said Oak. They walked into Oaks Lab. He walked off, then came back holding a pokeball, 2 TMs and a pokedex. "This is a Zubat. It only has 2 attacks, Supersonic and Bite. I also have 2 rare TMs, Thunder and Blizzard. Do you like it?" said Oak. "YES!!! I LIKE IT! DO I GET THE TMs ALSO?" yelled Tox. "Uhh, it's a Zubat. Yeah you get the TMs, but your going overboard, its only a Zubat!" said Oak as he handed Tox the Pokedex, Pokeballs, and TMs. Tox called out the Zubat and taught him the TMs. "Bye Crendle, Bye Oak, Thank you!" said Tox as he walked out of Oaks. "Zuuuuuuu!" said the Zubat. "Ok, Zubat, use Thunder on that Tree!" said Tox. Zubat began to glow with a yellow light. A yellow blast struck the tree, making the tree explode into 2 pieces. "Zubat, what should I name you? Hmm, I know one of Zubats strongest attacks if used right is Supersonic. How about Sonic?" said Tox. "Bat! Zu zuzu bazu" said Sonic. Tox began to head towards Viridian City. Tox, and Sonic got on Kobra, as the huge snake slithered towards Viridian. 2 pokemon followed them, "Clefairy Clefairy" "Growwwwl". About half way there a Rydon jumped out onto the road. "Yahhhh! Sonic, Thunder then Blizzard!" said Tox. Sonic glowed with yellow light, and fired a huge beam of electricity at the Rydon, then he flew up out of sight. He came flying down followed by around 50 razor sharp pieces of Ice. They smashed into the already weakened Rhydon. The Rydon began to look very mad. 5 more Rydons walked out. "EVERYONE, ATTACK!!!!" yelled Tox. Hacking and Spitting began to spew out toxic sludge. Kobra should of stayed back and used Acid, but he leaped into the Rydons and began to bite and squeeze them, but after getting a few horn attacks started to use Acid. Horns began to fly. Sonic flew up above the battle and released an ear-splitting cry. The Supersonic attack made the Rydons become confused, and began to fight each other. Sonic then used another Blizzard attack, unfortunately that brought them back to reality. Tox, Spitting, Hacking, and Sonic got on Kobra. Kobra began to slither as fast as he could towards Viridian City. The Rydons gave up after a long chase. Suddenly the road ahead erupted into smoke. About 24 people in trench coats came walking out, followed by Charizards. One of them got around behind Tox and stole a few Potions and Repels. A Pikachu jumped out from behind Tox and came up to defend him. Stars began to fly at the Charizards. The Pikachu continued the Swift until only 1 Charizard was left. It fired a Stream of fire at the Pikachu, but Kobra jumped between the fire and the Pikachu, taking the hit. Tox pulled out his pokedex, "Charizard, Fire/Flying type, evolved form of Chamander.". "Spitting, Hacking, use you Sludge attack! Kobra, use you Acid attack!" said Tox. The Koffings sludge attack created a river of Sludge, sending the thieves flying. Kobra reared up to its full height, then came crashing down onto the ground. Tox reached into his backpack for a Revive, but he couldn't find one. He then reached into his pocket and found one. He revived Kobra, and they set off once again towards Viridian City. When they arrived they noticed something was very wrong. The Viridian Gym had a hole in the side of it, and Earth Badges were laying on the ground. Tox grabbed one, and put it in his backpack. "Alright! My second badge!" said Tox. They set off towards Pewter City, home of the Boulder Badge. TBC?? -----------== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==---------- Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own